#MoreHistory 2021 – Gettysburg Connection

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The park guests gather around Warfield House

Gettysburg Nat’l Military Park is delighted to work together with Gettysburg College and Civil War Era Diary on a series of events that will be held in the Park on the 18th of September. Between 12 p.m. until 2 p.m. Meet historians, rangers as well as Nat’l Park Service volunteers at specific battlefields for the tour through the unexplored or undiscovered depths of history of Gettysburg in addition to other areas, which includes the tales of people of color who lived in Gettysburg and the process of establishing Gettysburg to be a memorial park and the controversial and complex historical background of the monuments and memorials.

“We’re delighted collaborate together with Journal of the Civil War Era as well as our collaborators with Gettysburg College to continue a series of vital discussions about the past and memories in Gettysburg. Gettysburg battlefield,” explained Gettysburg College Director Sims . “This is an excellent opportunity to expand the stories that we’ve shared and also showcase the ongoing work we are doing in Gettysburg. 

#MoreHistory is a nationwide effort supported by the Journal of the Civil War Era public historians and academics with the vital work to engage in the public is important discussions on historic places. The event is scheduled to take place in the weeks leading up to the date of Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and #MoreHistory 2021 is a plan to transform historical locations such as Gettysburg into open-air learning spaces where both visitors and teachers can explore the history of the past together .

December 18, 2021’s calendar

Memory, monuments and the past: Auto Tour Stop 6, Pitzer Woods
Interpretation station is open between 12 p.m. until 2 p.m.

Meet with Nat’l Park Service rangers and historians. What was the procedure that led to Gettysburg becoming National Park? What year was it that the Gettysburg monuments built in the first in the first place? How did they affect the memory of The Battle of Gettysburg and the issues that led to the war? Park on West Confederate Avenue. Don’t park on Millerstown Road. Be sure that all wheels are off the roadway.

James Warfield House

Access to the public is available from 12:00 p.m. till two. p.m.

The house was occupied at the time of the battle was the African-American in Gettysburgm, the historic J. Warfield house was recently renovated by the staff of Gettysburg Nat’l Military Park. Explore this small house and uncover the largely forgotten history of Gettysburg’s black residents and the struggles they had to face in the summer of 1863. The park on West Confederate Ave. Don’t park on Millerstown Rd. Be sure to keep your wheels away from the roadway.

Abraham Brian Farm

The site is accessible to everyone from 12:00 p.m. until 2 p.m.

Visitors are able to tour the house as well as the residence for Abraham Brian and his family. As a participant in the African-American community in Gettysburg Abraham Brian left Gettysburg along with his family and find his home ripped and ruined. You can park in Gettysburg’s Nat’l Cemetery parking lot or on Hancock Avenue. Be sure that all wheels are on the road.

Joseph Winters, Songs and Memory of the Civil War

The events are all free and accessible to anyone who is interested. All events will conducted according to CDC guidelines. Individuals who aren’t fully vaccination-free are advised to wear masks inside and in crowds in outdoor spaces. The masks are required for everyone in public transportation.

Gettysburg College is a residential science and liberal arts institution which educates students from the country and across the world to pursue professional and personal growth, and address the difficult problems of the present through a savvy approach to socially and leadership responsibly engaged civic involvement.

Journal of the Civil War Era is published by UNC Press in assoc. with the Ann Richards and George  Civil War Era Center. The journal is a source of the most innovative contemporary works that tackle the myriad of issues that are raised by the slavery crisis, the war and the emancipation process Reconstruction and the legacy of wars in the United States as well as offering new perspectives on the wars which shaped the times and, consequently, the evolution of American history through during the nineteenth century.

Gettysburg Nat’l Military Park is part an element of the Nat’l Park Service that safeguards and preserves the resources who is associated with Gettysburg Nat’l Cemetery and the Battle of Gettysburg. Battle of Gettysburg and Gettysburg Nat’l Cemetery and gives details regarding the events in the past that took place within Gettysburg National Cemetery. Gettysburg National Cemetery within the historical context. American.

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