You: 10 Season 3 Memes Fans Will Love

Fans of the hit Netflix series, You, patiently awaited the release of Season 3 chronicling everyone’s favorite stalker, Joe Goldberg. The wait may have been long enough, but viewers wasted no time watching the series and creating hilarious memes content as they reacted to the chaotic serial killers turned suburban parents.

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Season 3 is the most action-packed yet as Joe and Love try and fail to shake their bloodiest habits. The more blood the Quinn-Goldbergs shed, the more comedic, anxiety-provoking observations have been made by fans, and some are above the rest.

Joe and Henry in the first episode

Joe and Henry in the first episode (joe and baby look at each other suspiciously at American daddy)

For some reason, Joe had a persistent problem feeling connected to Henry. He complained several times in the first episode that he was meant to be a girl, and every time he held or looked in Henry’s general direction, Henry would cry. It’s understandable, however. After all the stalking and murder, Joe isn’t exactly the best dad in television history.

The two weren’t off to a good start and fans got it completely, creating this funny and precise meme. Joe gives Henry that exact look a few times during the Season 3 opener, and Henry was just as dubious as his father. As an added comedic bonus, the meme features another famous dad named Joe.

We strongly recommend that you do not do this

The faces of the detectives are mirror images of the faces of the fans when Joe was so quickly divested of his new wife and new child and needed to sneak into a Whole Foods for some time alone in the not empty parking lot. After all, the existence of a potential family is the only reason he let Love live, but he reverted to his old ways in no time.

Joe had a penchant for indulging himself in very public places, not at all discreet, and every time the fans shout on their screens for him to stop, just as the detectives advise him to. It is a miracle that it was not discovered in these wild scenarios.

Love is surprised every time

With a body count approaching double digits and literally nonexistent impulse control, Love quickly became the biggest villain of You season 3. It’s a shock to fans that Love manages to be surprised and shaken up every time she kills someone. Everyone except Love seems to know that she is anything but a calm, rational thinker.

This meme perfectly sums up the reactions of viewers when they see Love’s surprised face after luring someone into his bakery’s basement or sneaking up behind them with a rolling pin. When murder is an established pattern, Love and viewers know exactly what’s going to happen.

No, you are the murderer!

Joe and Love deeply deny their serial killer tendencies for much of the show. As one fan pointed out in this meme, it’s a pot-and-kettle situation for most of their talk about killing people, but none of them seem to be aware of their hypocrisy.

Joe, in particular, seems to think it’s perfectly okay for him to repeatedly stab someone and stage a fake assault, but totally unacceptable if Love kills the woman he cheated on her with. Fans have even expressed the unpopular opinion that Joe needs to be more self-aware. Love’s disbelief stems mainly from her fear that Joe is planning his own murder.

The different forms of Cary

a table with reference photos of SpongeBob SquarePants on Cary from your season 3

Cary was an aggressively obnoxious character at first, but over time he and Sherry became fan favorites for their engaging fall from grace. As more and more stress was put on the two, they showed more of their inner weird personalities and it was really fun to watch.

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The two have had quite a transformation over the course of the series, and this meme of Cary’s various forms as SpongeBob images is hilariously accurate. The man was a gentle, IBS-affected guy in the cage, and an absolute beast who could survive a fall off a cliff in the woods.

Spoilers, unexplained

you season 3 summarized in pictures

It’s always great when fans can completely communicate the entire plot of a show in just a few pictures. After all, the overall purpose of a meme is to communicate a joke or reference in very few words or no words at all, and this particular “unexplained spoiler” meme does an incredible job in that regard.

For You, @chxrrylush chose a frame of Missing girl, a tribute to one of David Fincher’s strongest female characters, Amy Dunne, to reflect Natalie’s search and the involvement of her husband, Matthew. Then there’s an anti-vaccine card with reference to Henry catching measles from unvaccinated children, a polyamorous cartoon about the foursome attempt with Sherry and Cary, and finally an ode to Joe’s escape to Paris. .

What Joe sees

what everyone sees: a hat, what Joe sees: Harry Potter's invisibility cloak

It’s amazing how much Joe thinks a baseball cap hides him from being noticed. Joe is much smarter than Penn Badgley’s Dan Humphrey character, but he mistakenly thinks his signature cap is some sort of invisibility cloak. This season, fans got to see him called out more often than in previous seasons. Ryan even spots Joe at his AA meeting and sees him following him into the parking lot.

It was about time too. After all, a baseball cap is a Clark Kent level disguise and does about as much to hide Joe’s identity. Joe has done very well by simply wearing a baseball cap and acting “indiscreet,” but fans agree the serial killer stalker has way too much faith in his hat.

Love wouldn’t do that!

Theo’s puppy’s obsession with love seemed to come out of left field, and fans couldn’t believe how much he could resist finding out the truth about her. After all, she kept asking him summarily what her stepfather had on her and Joe. If that didn’t mean she had secrets, not much else could.

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Except for having two people locked in a cage in your bakery basement, of course. Even seeing the two people in the bakery cage Love owns and is the only one with access to, Theo is still skeptical of Love’s guilt, and fans had the exact same reaction as Cary and Sherry. .

You are many things, but not murderers

You same season 3: "therapist: you are many things, but not murderers" and Joe and the loving side look at each other

What happens when two serial killers decide to go to couples therapy? They’re making inroads, sort of. They have serious emotional work to do, as they quickly become as deadly a couple as Bonnie and Clyde and leave a trail of blood behind them.

Fans were experiencing serious dramatic irony when they had the above exchange with their therapist. Love expressed a particular fight in which she said she was afraid Joe would kill her. When the therapist smiles and reassures them that they are not murderers, viewers were right with Love and Joe, casting screaming sideways eyes.

Call an ambulance! But not for me

Yourself from Season 3: Call an ambulance, but not for me.

Fans of the series who are also avid TikTok users will recognize this meme right away. The original meme actually comes from an advertisement for a self-defense workshop for seniors. Perhaps if Love had undergone self-defense training like the one featured in the meme, she could have avoided his untimely demise at Joe’s hands.

The meme is hilarious and describes Joe in the finale quite accurately. Joe was having a hard time when Love used her paralytic on him and it looked like she might just be able to beat him. But, like Joe, he was several steps ahead and was ready for anything. It’s a shame though, they were really perfect for each other, as Love said.

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