Woman officer, recently returned from maternity leave, killed in violent night of shooting in Chicago



  • Policewoman has been identified as Ella French, 29
  • Another officer is in critical condition following the shooting
  • Five people have died so far in weekend shootings across the city

A 29-year-old policewoman was shot and killed on Saturday, marking the first shooting death for a member of the Chicago Police Department this year. The three suspects, whose identities have not yet been revealed, have since been taken into police custody, including one hospitalized.

Police Superintendent David Brown said on Sunday that another officer who was with Police Officer Ella French inside a Chicago police car was also shot and remains in hospital in critical condition, reported FOX News. French was shot, suffering from a fatal gunshot wound, after an assailant opened fire.

One of the suspects was hit during the police response and is hospitalized. The second assailant was immediately arrested at the time of the shooting and the third suspect was apprehended on Sunday.

French is said to have a two-month-old child and has recently returned to work after her maternity leave.

Initial investigations indicated that a single male passenger, who has a criminal history of theft, opened fire on officers inside the police car. The suspects have yet to be charged as investigations continue with Zone 1 detectives.

The shootings multiply during the weekend in Chicago. Five people were killed in 10 hours, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. The first shoot took place at Near West Side on Saturday evening, followed by the shoot which involved French people on Sunday evening. In another incident, seven people were shot dead, resulting in the death of one.

From Saturday evening to Sunday evening, 41 people were shot dead in Chicago.

Among the shootings that took place in the region over the weekend, a mass shooting injured two teenagers, aged 16 and 17. Another mass shooting in the 1800 block of West 87th Street resulted in the death of a 37-year-old man who was shot. three times in the back and twice in the neck. The victim was transported to Christ Medical Center and was soon declared dead.

CPD data released on August 3 found that crime-related complaints fell six percent, but shooting incidents have increased. increased by 11 percent compared to last year.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared Sunday a day of mourning in the city. “Dedicated officers showed up for work today despite their fears and pain. These officers deserve a safe return home today and every day, ”Lori wrote on Twitter.

Chicago shooting killed 4 children Photo: stevepb – Pixabay


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