Woman arrested for homicide in December 2020

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – From burglaries to bomb threats, and now murder. Albuquerque police say a suspect has hit criminal ‘bingo’ on dozens of charges over the past few years.

KOB 4 has reported on Reyanon Duncan several times in the past, mostly for breaking into gym lockers and plotting to get out of jail. But this is the first time his name has appeared in a murder case, and it was a horrific homicide that happened nearly two years ago.

According to Albuquerque police, a man was tied up and executed inside his own home.

Duncan is not the only suspect listed in a lengthy criminal complaint, but she is currently the only one facing charges in the murder of Antonio Jaramillo.

Although these documents do not say that she pulled the trigger, they describe her alleged role in the murder and the crucial information she provided to the police.

Duncan was in court Thursday, just a day after his arrest for the 2020 Jaramillo murder.

According to a criminal complaint, Jaramillo and Duncan were alone inside the house when two other men broke in.

According to the police, these men ambushed Jaramillo, bound him with electric wire, then shot him in the back of the neck. Documents suggest this was all planned with help from Duncan.

According to the timeline set by detectives, Duncan wanted to return to Jaramillo after saying his mother released him from prison in 2019 and he never paid them back.

Fast forward to a year later, Duncan says she and Jaramillo met on Facebook days before he was murdered. It was then that another man – who goes by CQ – allegedly told him that Jaramillo owed him money.

According to the criminal complaint, Jaramillo was arrested in Mexico while attempting to smuggle $30,000 worth of narcotics across the border. His family raised $25,000 to bail him out of a Juarez jail in November 2020, a month before his death. But a woman who knew Jaramillo reportedly told detectives she knew he still owed money to a cartel.

On the day of the shooting, detectives learned that Duncan, CQ, and the two men who broke into the house met outside a cell phone store in Menaul.

Documents indicate that Duncan drove them home after the murder and that the two men and Duncan left with several sports bags containing cash, drugs and other items.

The documents say they met CQ at a Taco Bell to share everything, and Duncan only got some meth.

She now faces charges of murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, aggravated burglary and conspiracy.

It is clear from the criminal complaint that the police knew many of these details months ago, but just like other recent cases, the police waited to obtain the mobile phone location data of many people involved in this case before making an arrest.

It is not clear whether the police are actively looking for the other suspects in this case.

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