West Side Rag »The suspect of the attacks of the 79th Street released from custody, according to court records


Posted on December 4, 2021 at 10:41 am by West Sider

Site of the first attack, NW corner of 79th and Broadway

By Joy Bergmann

The man charged with two violent and apparently random attacks on two women near 79th Street and Broadway on Thursday morning was released before his trial on Friday, court records online showed.

Darrell Johnson, 28, appeared before a criminal court impeachment judge in two Manhattan cases, one this week and one in 2020.

Regarding Thursday’s incident, Johnson was indicted on two counts of assault with intent to cause bodily harm, a Class A misdemeanor. He was also charged with multiple attempted assault charges. assault and harassment.

In the ongoing 2020 case, Johnson received a major charge of one count of assault with intent to cause physical injury, as well as charges of harassment and attempted assault.

According to the NYPD, Johnson has been arrested 15 times.

Some readers have asked WSR to post a photo of Johnson. When asked for a photo, an NYPD spokesperson responded by email, “We do not release photos of arrested individuals.” The NYPD provided this physical description of Johnson: “Darrell Johnson is a 28 year old black man. 6’0 “tall, weighing 165 pounds. He has brown eyes and black hair, and has tattoos on his arms, including a heart and the word” mob. “

Johnson is not the same man who frequented the South Median at the intersection of 79th and Broadway for more than three years.

Site of the second attack, SW corner of 80th and Broadway

Under current New York State Law, most of the accused must be released before the trial: “the court must release the grantor pending trial on the grantor’s own commitment, unless the court notes in the file or in writing that the release on the person’s own engagement. principal will not be reasonably ensure that the principal returns to court.

New Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s position on remand appears to be in line with current law, according to his Memo of the first day: “Presumption of non-imprisonment. Non-incarceration is the result for all cases except those with charges of homicide or death of a victim, a Class B violent felony in which a lethal weapon causes grievous bodily harm, or criminal sexual offenses in Article 130 of the Criminal Law. Bragg includes some exceptions to this “in extraordinary circumstances” rule.

WSR attempted to reach Johnson’s public defender as well as prosecutors in the Manhattan DA’s office. We’ll update this story if they respond.

Johnson is due in court on February 1, 2022.


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