Warner and Valentine talk about infrastructure, see new electric school bus in Lynchburg visit | News from local businesses

“It’s crazy,” he said on Tuesday. “I don’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent or Vegetarian. It is not a good business plan for our country. For 50 years, the presidents of both parties and of Congress talked about it and did not squat.

He said the plan was not perfect and that he had never signed a bill as governor or senator that was perfect, but having 69 senators agreeing on it was a “big deal” .

“Now, hopefully this gets through the House as quickly as possible so we can get it signed by the President and start implementing these changes so that we can keep Virginia competitive and make sure we make this change on. mobility, ”he said. A House vote on the bill is scheduled for next month.

Warner said the bill would put more than 25 million Americans back to work, improve the efficiency of the economy in unprecedented ways, invest $ 110 billion in roads and bridges in Virginia, where there is currently 700 deficient bridges, and would put 65 dollars. billions of dollars in broadband, so that every Virginian can get affordable, high-speed Internet access.

“We are changing mobility in this country and the future of mobility will be either electric vehicles or low carbon vehicles. It’s coming, “he said.” But if we do not make investments, we will not be able to be competitive. This bill therefore provides $ 5 billion to support electric bus infrastructure and of low-carbon buses. This is extremely important to us. “

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