Turner Job Corps’ “recycling” serves students and the community

August 24 – ALBANY – While some may struggle to attract and retain talented employees, now more than ever, in light of the current labor shortage and the stagflation state of our economy, The Turner Job Corps Center wants to take a minute to recognize some talented instructors; the center needs to serve its students, staff and community.

David Daniels is figuratively and literally “determined” to excel as he is the seasoned driver training instructor at TJCC and he also plays a very important role in the local technical college program. He was recently elected to serve on the Chehaw Park Advisory Board at the Albany Town Commission meeting, the same day that members of the TJCC family visited the Government Center to swear in Mayor Bo Dorough. by TJCC government students.

Clearly, Daniels has not only been a great asset to Team Turner for over 19 years, but he is also an asset to the local community.

Although he is graciously known in the center as the “recycler”, because he does it so faithfully, as well as by handing the Albany Herald newspapers daily to all his colleagues in the academic building, before the pandemic, our partner well -loved for education and community. , Albany Technical College (ATC) sings Daniels praises in a much higher tone. ATC featured him in their Fall 2021 edition of “Solutions” magazine, for teaching the drive-thru portion of their Joshua Law Class.

With a full history of education as a profession and notable community involvement, this is indeed a great opportunity for student employees at Turner Job Corps Center to add a Georgia driver’s license to their toolkit under the direction of David Daniels.

TJCC is pleased to welcome the best people to help empower young people and our world through education. The center also appreciates the role you all play, as partners and stakeholders, in achieving this goal. Despite the turbulent and difficult times, know that we are great together and that there is so much potential to be even bigger.

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