Tulsa man charged with impersonating health care provider has history of similar charges

A South Tulsa resident with a history of child sexual abuse charges is once again under the scrutiny of area investigators, this time over allegations involving an adult.


Tulsa County Jail

Tulsa County prosecutors on Friday formally charged David Menna, 65, with sexual abuse or exploitation of a vulnerable adult and impersonation of a care provider after Bixby police l arrested for a sexual assault complaint a week earlier.

The charges are not the first Menna has faced relating to sexual abuse, but the first involving an alleged adult victim.

Menna was the subject of an investigative article published by USA Today reporter Cara Kelley in 2020 that brought national attention to numerous allegations of child sexual abuse that spanned at least 15 years in several states, including Oklahoma. In it, the alleged victims lamented Menna’s apparent ability to sidestep lawsuits and litigation.

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Last week, a Bixby woman contacted police to report that Menna, who she described as a friend helping to care for her non-verbal husband who has severe Parkinson’s disease, inappropriately touched her genitals from her husband.

She said Menna did it under the guise of medical necessity after repeatedly explicitly denying the alleged need. According to Menna’s arrest and booking report, he lied to a hospice caregiver about obtaining consent from the man’s wife.

Menna was taken to the Tulsa County Jail after midnight Sept. 17 and released later that afternoon on personal bail following a video arraignment, according to the Tulsa County Sheriff‘s Office.

He listed the address of his single-family home south of Tulsa in jail reservation records, but was arrested at an apartment complex near 71st Street and Mingo Road, the report said.

Menna’s first charges in Oklahoma came through Osage County in 2007.

After allegations of misconduct following a youth camp at Osage Hills State Park, prosecutors charged Menna with lewd assault and practicing medicine without a license, according to Tulsa World records.

The camp Menna organized primarily involved children from the Young Marines and Boy Scouts, the article says, and Menna was accused of examining the genitals of at least two boys ‘for ticks’ while identifying himself. as a doctor. Although Menna earned a degree in dentistry from a university in Georgia, he was not licensed.

In a 2010 plea agreement, prosecutors dropped assault charges and Menna did not challenge practicing medicine without a license. His sentence was postponed for two years and a judge ordered that his plea be struck from the record at the end of his stay. The charge was dismissed with prejudice, according to court records, and sealed transcripts.

The parents of one of the boys sued Menna and others involved in the case in 2009, but the suit was dismissed without prejudice in 2014, according to court records.

Bixby Police Officer Seth Adcock said investigators are currently focusing on the sole victim in this new case and have not heard of any other victims. He asked anyone with information to call detectives at 918-366-8294.

Ashley Jones contributed to this story.

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Ashley Jones contributed to this story.

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