Tucson Festival of Books Selections Look at Women Throughout History | Books

Special for Arizona Daily Star

Any visit to your neighborhood bookstore will remind you of the popularity of historical fiction, stories featuring real people from history, or real situations from the past.

Historical novels aren’t new, but what sets the genre apart today is the explosion of books featuring women from the 19th and 20th centuries. Often written by female authors, these books finally fill the void left by traditional historians, most of whom were men.

Readers can easily find stories that match their own interests, and here are some recommended reads from the Tucson Festival of Books to get you started:

The matrix“by Lauren Groff: Released earlier this month,” The Matrix “features 12th-century poet Marie of France. At 17, she is kicked out of the royal court by Eleanor of Aquitaine and sent to an abbey impoverished in England. There, traits deemed unacceptable in high society helped her save the abbey from ruin. Jody hardy

WEB DuBois love songsBy Honorée Fanone Jeffers: Jeffers is a well-known poet who made her novelist debut, and her book became a semi-finalist for this year’s National Book Award. “Love Songs” honors the memory of black sociologist WEB DuBois. DuBois wrote about “double consciousness,” the sensitivity that all black Americans need to survive. DuBois died in 1963. The double consciousness continues today. – Jessica braithwaite

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