The new platform offers resources to understand and promote the use of high quality educational materials

The Collaborative for Student Success site highlights state and district examples and leading resources for improving the effectiveness of curriculum in K-12 classrooms.

WASHINGTON, September 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, Collaborative for student success spear, a new online platform that brings together the latest resources, research and advocacy to promote high-quality educational material that promotes student success.

With the disruption of COVID-19 at the forefront of the nation’s consciousness, it has never been more important to ensure that students are prepared to succeed. The right choice of program of study can make the difference in school recovery. Equitable access to the best learning tools and materials is essential for teachers, students and parents as schools seek to bounce back from the pandemic and spend a historic level of federal stimulus funds wisely.

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CurriculumHQ recognizes that the task of identifying which materials are evidence-based, recommended by teachers and local and national leaders, and available in a state can be difficult for educators – and robs them of valuable time that they could devote to learning to drive with the students. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly 70% of educators said they did not have regular access to high quality educational materials and many spent as much as 12 hours per week research materials or create their own. Educators need easy access to materials that meet state standards and have a proven track record in improving learning outcomes, especially for traditionally underfunded students.

“Many teachers and education leaders need help choosing resources and tools that ensure students learn and succeed. They also need more ways to inform decision makers about what is needed to trigger and accelerate learning for all students. HQ as a forum for resource and best practice sharing and advocacy to bring high quality material into the hands of more students, ”said Jim cowen, Director General of the Collaboration for Student Success.

CurriculumHQ promotes strong and engaging resources and approaches to teaching and learning that are:

  • Aligned with a state’s academic standards and informed by built-in assessments to monitor progress;

  • Approved by educators and supported by teacher and family training; and

  • Equity-focused and adaptable to all learners and environments (including virtual).

The site will provide a resource center for state education agencies, a research base on the importance of using high-quality educational materials, and examples of how states, districts and schools are using educational tools and aligned training of educators to stimulate student growth. Upon launch, the platform will feature resources and expert commentary exploring different approaches across a set of initial states, including Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Ohio. CurriculumHQ also offers an easy-to-use tool that will give parents and community stakeholders the opportunity to promote the expanded use of high-quality educational materials to state and local decision-makers.

In addition to offering state-specific advocacy tools, CurriculumHQ features:

  • A dynamic map with advice, recommendations and resources on programs available to districts across states.

  • Original commentary provided by Jocelyn Pickford, former teacher and policy expert in federal and state education departments and current member of the Parents and Public Schools Council.

  • Up-to-date national, state and local news, research from nationally respected experts like EdReports and the Knowledge matters, and resources showcasing the use of high quality educational materials and their importance to educators and students.

About the Student Success Collaborative

CurriculumHQ and HQ Assessment are projects of the Collaboration for Student Success.

The Collaborative for Student Success is a non-profit advocacy organization that strives to champion high standards, high-quality, aligned assessments and learning materials, and strong systems of accountability and transparency. to ensure that all children are prepared for college or career. Through capacity building efforts with national organizations and collaboration with national partners, we promote evidence-based public discourse and strive to advance policies and actions that promote best practice and ensure equitable results. for all students.



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