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Verona is preparing a new master plan and the city authorities want to hear your opinion.

The master plan is a document that can help the city decide what will be developed in the city, as well as how the city will approach transport, infrastructure, recreation and rules regarding existing housing. The process will take several months, with the goal of having a new plan ready by mid-2022. The last The master plan was made in 2009, which was before current pressures for affordable housing, as well as the shift to remote work from commuting and the rise of electric vehicles and transport sharing programs for cars, bicycles and scooters.

The planning board set up an investigation to solicit public input on all matters that will go into the master plan, and residents can take it here. The site asks for your opinion on different types of development in different areas of the city. You can complete the survey anonymously or include your name with your comments.

The site includes links to many documents that now govern development in Verona, including the 2021 Open Space Plan, the 2020 Community Forestry Plan, the 2017 Historic Resources Survey and Inventory, and the Master Plan. of 2009. In addition to the survey, the people of Verona will be able to share their opinions during a workshop on the master plan.

It takes about 10 minutes to complete the survey and you can take it here.

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