Suspect in murder of WWJ anchor and attack on his family has 30-year criminal history

Arthur Williamson was arrested for allegedly stabbing WWJ NewsRadio 950 reporter Jim Matthew on Friday. It was an attack that also saw Matthews’ girlfriend and their two children seriously injured.

Williamson was in court on Monday. He is charged with first degree murder, felony murder…assault with intent to murder and unlawful imprisonment.

State records show Williamson has a criminal history dating back nearly 30 years. According to data from the Michigan Department of Corrections. He has convictions for:

  • Assault.
  • Removal.
  • Assault with intent to commit murder.
  • Illegal possession of weapons and drugs
  • Assault, resist and obstruct a police officer.

Chesterfield Township Police say officers found him in the basement of the chilling murder scene, overdosing and suffering from self-inflicted injuries. He was brought back with Narcan.

A family member of 55-year-old murder suspect Arthur Williamson was genuinely surprised when FOX 2 broke the news of Monday’s arraignment for murder.

“When was it?” said the family member. “What? Oh, Lord Jesus.”

FOX 2: “Haven’t heard of it at all?”

“No,” she said.

How Williamson knew the victims is unclear, but sources say he had been a welcome guest.

Neighbors say Williamson visited the house up to four times a week while Jim Matthews, who was an overnight news anchor for 950 WWJ, slept.

“We are doing our best to establish the timeline, he arrived in the middle of the night. The exact time still trying to establish, we believe Jim Matthews arrived around 6:30 am,” said Brian Bassett, Chesterfield. director of public security.

AFTER: WWJ ‘Family Dad’ presenter killed, girlfriend and 2 children injured in Chesterfield attack

Jim Matthews, whose legal last name was Nicolai, spent the night on WWJ Radio for nearly seven years.

Investigators say the method of death was blunt force trauma to the head. According to police, Williamson used a hammer to attack some of the other victims. Matthews’ 35-year-old girlfriend was stabbed multiple times.

His girlfriend, Nichole Guertin, is in stable condition and is being held under observation, while the 10-year-old boy is listed in critical but stable condition, and the 5-year-old was released at the time.”

Cops say Guertin was able to escape with his infant daughter and signaled a passing driver to call 911. Police say they found the 10-year-old boy tied up in the closet, beaten in the head.

Detectives are still working on some of the big questions, including the motivation for the attack.

“He’s someone who’s been there in the past — to your question, we’re still trying to develop that,” Bassett said.

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