St. Paul City Council convenes early learning and child care committee – Twin Cities

In an effort to explore the possibility of subsidizing early learning and child care programs across the city, St. Paul City Council on Wednesday approved the creation of a new committee to study how such a program would be administered. and funded.

The Early Learning Legislative Advisory Committee should make recommendations to city council on the potential design and implementation of a locally-run early learning program, including the type of city ordinance or legislative action that might be needed.

Faced with the possibility of putting a special property tax on the November ballot, city council last July instead voted to convene the committee, which is expected to report to council in the early months of 2023.

The 25-member committee includes three board members — Rebecca Noecker, Mitra Jalali and Nelsie Yang — as well as St. Paul School Board member Halla Henderson.

Other groups represented include St. Paul Teachers’ Federation, St. Paul Promise Neighborhood, Head Start, American Indian Montessori, CLUES, Regional Federation of Labor, advocacy organizations ISAIAH and Minnesota Voice, Think Small , the Minnesota Child Care Association. , the Hmong Early Childhood Coalition and the St. Paul Public Library.

The members are: Maria Belde; Rachel Boettcher; Lynne Bolton of the St. Paul Teachers’ Federation; Eric Haugee; Henderson, of St. Paul’s School Board; Jalali, from the municipal council of Saint-Paul; Megan Jekot, of St. Paul Promise; Hwa Jeong Kim of Minnesota Voice; LaVon Lee, of American Indian Montessori; Nicolee Mensing, of Head Start; Camila Mercado Michelli, from CLUES; Kristenza Nelson; Noecker, of the St. Paul City Council; Khalid Omar, of ISAIAH; Kera Peterson, Regional Federation of Labour; Tracy Roscoe, ISAIAH; Clare Sanford, Minnesota Child Care Association; Sai Thao, from the Hmong Early Childhood Coalition; Stephanie Thomas, of the Minnesota Child Care Association; Brianna Trinidad Sprung; Leah VanDassor, St. Paul Teachers’ Federation; Zang Vang-Lee, from the Hmong Early Childhood Coalition; Quentin Wathum-Ocama, Office of Early Learning at St. Paul Public Schools; Yang, from the St. Paul City Council; and Barbara Yates of Think Small.

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