Spokane man arrested for killing his daughter’s boyfriend, who allegedly forced her into prostitution | Local

SPOKANE – Homicide detectives have arrested a man from Spokane who said he saved his teenage daughter from sex trafficking in Seattle and later killed her boyfriend in Airway Heights last year, court records show.

John B. Eisenman, 60, is now charged with first degree murder.

The case erupted in mid-October when residents of East Everett Avenue noticed an abandoned car on their street. Police said people started searching the unlocked 1991 green Honda Accord, picking up some items and noticing a foul smell.

When they blew up the chest, they found a body and called the police.

One of the first police officers at the scene said the interior of the car was covered in mold. Before opening the trunk, the officer attempted to contact the registered owner of the vehicle, Brenda Kross, but her phone was not accepting calls, according to court documents.

It was at this point that the officer opened the trunk to confirm that a body, later identified as Andrew Sorensen, 20, was inside.

Sorensen’s ankles and hands were tied with zip ties, court documents show. There was also duct tape over his mouth. Sorensen’s clothes showed puncture marks, suggesting he had been stabbed multiple times, court documents show. Sorensen’s cause and manner of death are listed as pending by the Spokane County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The police tried to contact Kross again before going to her home. Her fiance, Eisenman, opened the door and told police the car was stolen about a year ago, court documents show.

Days later, police spoke to Kross, who said the couple’s underage daughter was sexually trafficked in Seattle in October 2020 by her boyfriend, Sorensen. Kross and Eisenman drove to Seattle and rescued their daughter the same month, they told police.

Sorensen did not have a significant criminal history in Washington state, police said.

Days after police spoke to Kross and Eisenman, a neighbor called Crime Check with a pipe Eisenman revealed killed someone and put the body in the trunk of a car, court documents show.

Eisenman had given the neighbor details of how Sorensen was placed in the safe that only someone involved would know about, court documents said.

Police arrested Eisenman on Friday.

Once in custody, police said he confessed to killing Sorensen.

Eisenman told detectives that shortly after saving his daughter from forced prostitution in Seattle, he learned that Sorensen would be at a specific location in Airway Heights, court documents show. Eisenman said he faced Sorensen in November 2020 before tying him up and putting him in the trunk of his car.

Eisenman told police that was when he threw a cinder block at Sorensen’s head and stabbed him several times before driving the car to a remote area of ​​North Spokane County and to abandon him with the body still in the trunk, according to court documents.

Sorensen was reported missing that month, according to the Washington State Patrol.

Police said the car had been in the remote location for nearly a year until a stranger drove it to Spokane, leaving it on Everett Avenue. Police do not believe the person who took the car after a year was aware of a body in the trunk.

Eisenman is jailed on $ 1 million bail.

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