SIUE helps digitize the history of the Highlands


HIGHLAND – As part of a University of Southern Illinois (SSCC) Edwardsville Successful Communities Collaborative initiative funded by a $ 2,593.90 grant from the SIUE Meridian Society, the equipment that Supports Highland History Digitization Project has been delivered to the town’s Louis Latzer Memorial Library.

Connie Frey Spurlock, Director of SSCC and Associate Professor of Sociology, submitted the funding request. The equipment was received by Angela R. Kim, director of the Louis Latzer Memorial Library, and Jacob W. Rose, chairman of the City of Highland Historical Commission.

“Highland is very proud of its Swiss heritage,” said Louis L. Latzer, library board member and great-great-grandson of the library’s namesake. “Right now the only way to see the archives of Highland’s past is to go to the library to get them physically. The digitization of historical documents and photographs of Highland will make it easier for everyone to access their past. I anticipate that the results of this project will be used by students and others as a way to get in touch with their past. What could be more significant? Thank you SIUE for helping to make this a reality.

Kim expressed her gratitude to the SIUE Meridian Society, the Highland Area Community Foundation and the Margye Liebler Baumgardner Fund for funding the project. She also thanked the SSCC for making the digitization project possible.

“I see this project as the epitome of the cultural heart of the Town of Highland and its community,” Kim explained. “What is contributed to this project will not only preserve the historical context of the Highland community, but will also develop it through undiscovered historic resources. “

Louis Latzer Memorial Library in Highland. The project aims to create a comprehensive and publicly accessible online archive of Highland’s Historical Archives, documenting and preserving the city’s rich architectural, cultural and local organizations for a global audience. The digitized material will be accessible on the Louis Latzer Library website, in support of research and reference needs.

Highland is one of the oldest Swiss colonies in the United States. It was founded in 1831 by Swiss pioneers from Sursee, Switzerland. The name Highland was chosen in 1836 because the area resembled the pioneer homeland of Scotland. Highland’s history, culture, artifacts and historic buildings are preserved and promoted by the Highland Historical Society.

Meridian Society is a subsidiary organization of the SIUE Foundation, which promotes women’s leadership and invests in SIUE community projects. The Company takes its name from the fact that the 90th meridian (a quarter of the principal meridian) passes through the SIUE campus. The Meridian Prize is an annual award that funds SIUE projects that directly provide services to the community. This award has been distributed to over 100 projects since the start of philanthropic work in the company since 2003.

SIUE Successful Communities Collaborative (SSCC) is an interdisciplinary program that supports one-year partnerships between the University and Illinois communities to advance local resilience and sustainability based on environmental, social and environmental issues and needs. economic identified by the community. Our mission is to connect Illinois communities with the dynamic resources of SIUE students and faculty.


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