Shooting at Orem, police pursuit leads to five arrests

OREM, Utah — A hospital visit by Orem police officers to question a gunshot victim led to the arrest of five people in what police say may be a gang-related shooting.

It started when agents interviewed Gustavo Adolfo Morales at Timpanogos Hospital; the 25-year-old said he was shot twice as he prepared for work, but changed his story when police announced they would come to his home to investigate.

Morales provided no further information on the location of the shooting, but upon investigation, a witness said it happened in the US Synthetics parking lot at 1260 South 1600 West.

A friend of Morales said they went to the parking lot to meet Ryan Bencomo, 22, and Neit Armando Renter-Gurrola, 20, when Bencomo and Morales started arguing.

According to a police affidavit, Morales said something like “You won’t shoot me” when he heard two popping noises, and Morales grabbed his abdomen, after which he was taken to hospital.

Based on information received from the witness, detectives from the Utah County Major Crimes Task Force were inspecting Bencomo’s residence when two vehicles arrived at the house, where several people got out of the cars and drove off after wandered around the property.

The police followed them to the Winco Food Store where they made contact with them; one vehicle remained at the scene, but the other fled after swerving into a detective’s car and hitting a private vehicle.

According to court records, police chased the car through Orem, Lindon and Pleasant Grove, ending when it “rammed into a second civilian vehicle” and “was completely destroyed in the pursuit and came to a stop.”

Detectives found 261 grams of methamphetamine in the car, worth over $26,000.

Three people in the car were arrested; Kelby Luis Vizcarra, 32, and Carlos Alberto Garcia-Herrera, 27, were arrested on charges investigating possession of drugs with intent to distribute and tampering with evidence, among other charges.

Salvador Morales, 26, was arrested for multiple related offences.

During a police interview, Bencomo admitted to bringing an assault rifle to the meeting in the parking lot, which was found after a search of his home.

He has a long history of assault convictions and has been arrested on multiple criminal charges.

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