Ryan Giggs trial – day 7 live updates

A prepared statement, provided by Giggs’ attorney to the police, is being read. “At this point, I feel emotional about the incident and want to make a prepared statement about what happened last night,” he begins.

Giggs says it is correct that there was an argument which initially led to “a fight” and “an entanglement”.

Greville, he says, grabbed him in the face during that incident and it left him bleeding. “I may have grabbed her and her sister during the fight, but at no time was there any intent to harm either,” Giggs said in her statement.

He says he asked the two sisters to leave his house, but they refused to leave.

Giggs says he left the house and went next door – “to try to defuse any further physical confrontation” – to ask a neighbor, Linda Cheung, to call the police. Unfortunately, he said, the neighbor didn’t want to call the police.

Giggs describes himself as “emotional, angry and upset.” He says the couple had been arguing all night and when he returned to the house there was a second “fight”.

It was caused, he says, by Greville grabbed by hand. Giggs, who was “still bleeding”, says of this second incident that he accepts that Greville was punched in the face.

“What I’m sure of is that it wasn’t deliberate,” Giggs says. “I did not knowingly hit Kate at any time. In both cases I was assaulted.

Giggs adds, “I regret that this argument has gotten so out of hand. Kate and I had had a great week together and I was looking forward to spending the night together.

He describes their relationship as “ups and downs, mostly ups” and says he “sincerely hopes this isn’t the end of the relationship”.

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