Robert Gates, Jim Phillips of the ACC among 28 members appointed to the NCAA Constitution Committee


The NCAA Board of Governors this week announced the members who will make up the committee tasked with charting the organization’s future as it prepares for a special constitution in November in a changing landscape of college sport. Committee members range from conference commissioners and college presidents, athletic directors and athletes across the wide range of NCAA competitions.

Collectively, their task will be “to identify the fundamental principles that define university sport and to propose a new model of governance that allows for faster change without sacrificing broader values, while reaffirming or redefining those values”, according to the ‘announcement. The committee will be chaired by former US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, former president of Texas A&M.

While a recent Supreme Court ruling that struck a blow at the power of the NCAA and the changing dynamics of the NCAA’s more visible sports such as football and basketball are the driving forces behind the NCAA seeking big changes to its mission, it is clear from the composition of the committee that stakeholders from all sports at all levels will have a voice in the conversation.

Below is the full list of appointed committee members.

  • Brad Bankston – Commissioner, Old Dominion Athletic Conference.
  • Sandy Barbour – Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics, Penn State.
  • Dean Bresciani – President, State of North Dakota.
  • Greg Christopher – Vice President for Administration, Director of Sports, Xavier.
  • Mary Sue Coleman – Former President of the Association of American Universities, Independent Board Member.
  • Troy Dannen – Director of Sports, Tulane.
  • John DeGioia – President, Georgetown.
  • Robert Gates (Chairman) – Former US Secretary of Defense, Former Chairman of Texas A&M, Independent Board Member.
  • Robin Harris – Executive Director, The Ivy League.
  • Chris Howard – President, Robert Morris.
  • Gayle Hutchinson – President, State of Chico.
  • Jim Johnson – Director of Athletics, State of Pittsburg.
  • Megan Koch – Athletics, Colorado College.
  • Linda Livingstone – President, Baylor.
  • Shane Lyons – Director of Athletics, Associate Vice President, West Virginia.
  • Madeleine McKenna – Volleyball, University of California, Pennsylvania.
  • Fayneese Miller – President, Hamline.
  • Jere Morehead – President, Georgia.
  • Gloria Nevarez – Commissioner, West Coast Conference.
  • Jim Phillips – Commissioner, Atlantic Coast Conference.
  • Julie Ruppert – Commissioner, Northeastern Conference-10.
  • Darryl Sims – Director of Athletics, Wisconsin-Oshkosh.
  • Kendall Spencer – Athletics, New Mexico.
  • Javaune Adams-Gaston – President, State of Norfolk.
  • Stevie Baker-Watson – Sports Director, DePauw.
  • Donald Bruce – Athletics Faculty Representative, Tennessee-Knoxville.
  • Patrick Chun – Sports Director, Washington State.
  • Harry Stinson – Director of Athletics, Lincoln University of Pennsylvania.

“Each of the appointees offers important insight into the transformation needed for the future,” said NCAA President Mark Emmert. “Now is the time for a fundamental change. And future change must focus on serving student athletes. “

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