Police search for PNC bank robber in Battle Creek

Battle Creek Police are looking for the man who robbed the PNC Bank at 2521 Capital Avenue SW. It happened today (Tuesday August 24th) shortly after 10:30 am. Police say a man entered the bank acting like he wanted to open an account, but ended up withdrawing money, although they don’t know how much it was.

Bank workers told police that after some time the man showed a handgun and took money from several bank tellers.

2521 Capital Ave SW-Google Maps

The call arrived at 10:43 am Police did not determine how much money the man took, but believe it was a significant amount. Bank staff were able to alert the police during and after the theft; the police arrived within minutes.

The man was last seen running south from the bank, through the parking lot at the nearby business center, towards the Red Lobster restaurant. Detectives search the area for additional surveillance video, to see if he has entered a vehicle.

Battle Creek Bank Robbery – Town of Battle Creek Photo provided

The man wore sunglasses and a mask, and appears to be middle-aged and white.

The FBI is helping the Battle Creek Police.

Anyone with information about this suspect or seen anything related to this incident can call the non-urgent number, 269-781-0911 or Silent Observer, 269-964-3888.

Battle Creek Bank Robbery – Town of Battle Creek Photo provided

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