Police arrest 2 suspects at Bellevue trail head ‘a crime spree’

If you’ve been hiking in the Bellevue area and your car was broken into recently, the police may have arrested the perpetrators.

Bellevue police and King County sheriff’s deputies have arrested two people wanted in connection with “dozens and dozens” of cars prowling, primarily targeting local trail heads.

The suspects allegedly used a tool to smash car windows and take credit cards, IDs, key fobs and other valuables. According to police, the suspects then used the credit cards to purchase gift cards. They face 12 felony charges stemming from what Bellevue police call a “criminal spree.”

Several car break-ins have occurred at Coal Creek Trail Head in Bellevue. BPD released a video of such an incident.

Detectives located the suspects on June 8. They had stolen credit cards in their possession, as well as a stolen gun, according to BPD.

Detectives also believe the couple broke into several cars in the North Bend area and even shot some of their victims who broke up a chase. KCSO detectives said they assaulted a woman and stole her car as they fled once at the scene.

“These suspects brazenly entered parking lots in broad daylight, broke through windows, prowled dozens of cars, then immediately proceeded to stores to fraudulently use stolen credit cards,” Capt. Shelby Shearer said. “It happened at places all over the Puget Sound area. And we know from their criminal history that there was a propensity for violence and that we had to get them off the streets.

State troopers say they are working with other law enforcement agencies to increase patrols at local trailheads, especially now that more people are heading outdoors during the summer months.

The case is a good reminder to never leave valuables in a car.

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