Orlando police officer shot dead in Mount Airy had a violent history – CBS Baltimore

MOUNT AIRY, Md. (WJZ) — Frederick County deputies are not charging a woman who shot and killed a man Sunday in Mount Airy, Maryland.

“We don’t know what was going on,” neighbor Patricia Rutledge said. “In the neighborhood, I really thought they were fine.”

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Frederick County deputies said there was a fight between a woman who lives in that home and Danny Sidders, 52, of Orlando, Florida. The fight ended with the woman shooting Sidders.

He died inside the house.

WJZ told neighbors about him.

“I really hate what happened to her, but I’m sure it affects her a lot too,” neighbor Charlotte Langley said. “You know, you don’t live with someone like that and it happens and you have no feeling it’s ending like that.”

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WJZ has learned that Sidders was a police officer in Florida and has been accused of domestic violence against other women in the past.

“We have been informed that he was formerly a police officer in Orlando,” said Lt. Andy Crone of the Frederick County Sheriff‘s Office. “So our detectives also looked at that story to kind of see what led up to that, what other things might have happened in that jurisdiction.”

Detectives said the woman who shot Sidders cooperated with them and is not charged at this time.

There was a protective order in place, police said Sidders was not allowed to be there.

“We encourage protective orders and that really allows the police in our victim services unit to really stand up for them and provide that better level of protection because often without those we may not have the tools at our disposal to act,” said Lt. Crone.

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Police said they are still investigating the matter and will release more information when they are finished.

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