NYPD partners with running club to honor deceased detectives Jason Rivera, Wilbert Mora

It has been two months since NYPD Detectives Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora were shot in Harlem. Now, the running club that Detective Rivera was a part of has teamed up with the NYPD to host a memorial 5K in their honor.

Jason Rivera, aka Tata, was an NYPD detective but also a beloved member of the Dyckman Running Club.

Caesar Baez is one of the founding members of the Dyckman Running Club. He says there was still a relatively small group when Rivera asked to join.

“He saw us running La Marina and he said, ‘Hey guys, can I run with you guys?’ And you know the rest is history,” Baez said.

They say it was his dream to become an NYPD officer because he wanted to make a difference and improve the relationship between the community and the NYPD.

When Rivera was killed alongside his partner Mora, they say they were devastated.

Eloy Suarez is an NYPD officer and also a member of the NYPD Running Club which helps them run the 5K. He says he never met Rivera, but saw himself in him and wanted to help.

“He was working hard to become a policeman. He achieved that dream and he wanted to pursue that dream by being a kid from the heights,” Suarez said.

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