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CommunityWorks has opened a learning center in the Judson Mill Community Innovation Hub (Jud Hub for short), a center for social innovation located in the historic Judson Mill neighborhood.

The Learning Center is a collaborative space that allows CommunityWorks to host more in-person community economic development training and provide entrepreneurs and community partners with hands-on support, learning opportunities and resources, according to a statement. press release from CommunityWorks.

“The purpose of The Learning Center is to help small business owners access knowledge they can use to build capacity in their businesses,” CommunityWorks new CEO Latorrie Geer said in the release. “The Jud Hub is committed to bringing in nonprofits and entrepreneurs who can work collaboratively across the space, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be here.”

More than 100 CommunityWorks employees, partners and investors attended a grand opening event last week, where they explored the learning center, learned what it offers and engaged in networking opportunities, according to the press release.

“CommunityWorks provides financial equity and economic success for all,” Jud Hub Community Director James Abbott said in the statement. “CommunityWorks fits perfectly with our vision to facilitate relationships and provide access between different segments of our community. We look forward to working with them to impact our neighbors here in the Judson Mill community and beyond.

A long-time partner of the Judson Mill project since its inception in 2018, CommunityWorks, which is a community development finance institution, provided $500,000 for the acquisition of the mill and an additional $500,000 for the development of Jud Hub, says the press release.

“We believe in the community economic development that is happening in this area, and we know the new growth and opportunity will help this community thrive by providing benefits it didn’t have before,” Geer said in the release.

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