Mike Tyson’s Best Movie and TV Appearances, Ranked

“What is Mike Tyson going to do on stage?” This question is posed rhetorically by Tyson at the start of his solo show, “Undisputed Truth,” which premiered on Broadway in 2013. Directed for the stage by Spike Lee, who also filmed a version for HBO, and written by the wife of Tyson Kiki, the show is a multimedia tour through the fighter’s life, told at a breakneck pace for 90 minutes. In the version filmed for HBO, Tyson performs in front of a warm and supportive local audience — banners naming all of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods hang from the Longacre Theater on Broadway — and uses his bullying pulpit to elevate his mother Lorna Mae and her coach. Cus D’Amato, both of whom died early in his career, while dragging ex-wife Robin Givens and Desiree Washington, the woman who accused him of rape, through the mud. The script, which was later released as a memoir, taps into Tyson’s strengths as a storyteller, and his charisma, for better or worse, transports audiences through the show’s most awkward moments.

2022 brought new attention to the show thanks to the Hulu miniseries “Mike.” This unauthorized look at Tyson’s life from “I, Tonya” writer Steven Rogers and director Craig Gillespie uses a performance of “Undisputed Truth” as a framing device as Tyson (Trevante Rhodes) chronicles his life from the stage . The stage show is not officially credited as a source for the series, although large swaths of its scripts, especially in the early episodes, appear to have been taken from it. Tyson has denounced the miniseries and Hulu for stealing its story, comparing them to slave traders on social media.

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