Memorial Villages Police Department Weekly Report

06/05/22 at 0745 Hours. 200 Hedwig Block. Recovery of a stolen license plate. Officers were informed that a vehicle with a stolen license plate was driving into the villages and was nearby. Officers located and stopped the vehicle. In speaking with the driver, officers learned that he had purchased the stolen temporary license plate online for $40. The license plate was seized and the driver issued citations for the license plate violations.

05/06/22 at 3:45 p.m. 1-100 Block of Stillforest. Stolen motor vehicle recovered. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the Riverbend Subdivision and responded to the area. As officers checked side streets, the same vehicle triggered another LPR on San Felipe at the Bayou. Other officers began moving towards the area at which time a response officer saw the stolen vehicle heading west on Memorial. The officer attempted to turn around but got stuck in heavy rush hour traffic. The officer lost sight of the vehicle but was later alerted to a third ALPR hit on Stillforest. The officer turned to Stillforest where he saw the abandoned vehicle and three subjects walk away from the car. As it approached, one of the subjects ran into the trees. Officers were able to take the 3 suspects into custody. While doing so, another responder located a fourth suspect running north through Memorial and took him into custody. All four denied being in the car or knowing anything about the stolen vehicle, although one of them had the car keys in his pocket. The prosecutor’s office was contacted but denied the charges because the owner/victim of the stolen vehicle could not be contacted to confirm they wanted to press charges. The 4 suspects have all been identified. A minor was handed over to his parents who were summoned to the police station. The 3 adult offenders were taken to Westheimer where they were released. The vehicle was towed off the scene.

05/12/22 at 6:15 p.m. 11500 Block of Shadow Way. Identity theft. The victim reported that she received an email from Capitol One referring to the opening of a new checking account in her name. However, the victim had not opened a new account. The bank was contacted and closed the account. It was unclear how his personal information had been compromised, which led to the account being opened. Information was collected and provided to detectives for their follow-up investigation.

Hunter’s Creek

5/6/22 at 1300 Hours. 8500 Katy Highway. Miscellaneous traffic charges. An officer was on special duty in the 8500 block area of ​​Katy when he observed a vehicle pull up in a company parking lot. The driver then exited the vehicle, walked over to another vehicle, and began to look inside the windows. The man then got back into his car and drove in the wrong direction down the service road and into another parking lot where he parked so he could see the vehicle he was looking at. The officer contacted the driver of the parked vehicle and learned that he had just completed a financial transaction before reporting to the current business and was believed to have been followed. Officers then contacted the man who was looking out of the car windows. He said he thought the car in question was his ex-wife’s car and that was why he examined it and then watched it. A criminal background check on the subject showed multiple prior arrests for burglary and theft. The 54-year-old man was taken into custody for several traffic offenses and his vehicle was towed.

5/7/22 at 2245 Hours. 8500 Block from the Katy Highway. Stolen vehicle recovered/theft/criminal warrant/possession of methamphetamine. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering the villages on Voss Road. Officers located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop and arrested a woman. The woman admitted to stealing the car because she hadn’t had a car for over 6 years. She was found to have an outstanding warrant for her arrest and was found to be in possession of methamphetamine. The victim was contacted and said he went to get pizza and left his vehicle running when he saw a woman jump into his car and drive away. It had happened on April 29, 2022. The district attorney’s office accepted charges against the 31-year-old woman for vehicle theft and possession of methamphetamine. She was incarcerated in Harris County Jail. The stolen vehicle was recovered and towed off the scene.

05/11/22 at 11:45 a.m. 10600 Block of Memorial Drive. Criminal mischief. The victim reported that on returning home he discovered that a rear door window was shattered/cracked but not broken. It is not known how the damage occurred. A report was initiated as the victim said he was going to review the surveillance footage.

05/12/22 at 0615 Hours. 900 Voss. Stolen paper tag recovered. Officers were alerted to a stolen paper plate entering the Villages of Voss Road. Officers were nearby and located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. After speaking with the driver, he said he bought the paper plate at his apartment complex from a stranger for $40.00. The prosecutor’s office dismissed the charges, but officers issued multiple citations and collected them on a paper plate.

05/12/22 at 1700 Hours. 11000 Block of Kemwood. Identity theft. The victim was contacted by a Colorado bank from an unknown person who had used his ID card and information as a means to cash a check there. The check did not belong to the victim, the problem was that someone was using their personal information and SSN to cash checks. Information about the transaction was collected and provided to detectives for their follow-up investigation.

Bunker Hill

07/05/22 at 09:30. 11600 Block from Shady Grove. Fraud. The victim reported that upon reviewing his checking account, he discovered that a check he had written and mailed had been intercepted, washed and reissued to a company he did not know. The check had been mailed to a mailbox in the 9400 block of the Katy Highway. The company from which the check had been changed appears to be non-existent. Control information was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow-up investigation.

05/07/22 at 6:00 p.m. 1-100 Block from Patrick Court. Person missing. MVPD staff were informed of the disappearance of a 13-year-old minor who had left the area on a bicycle and had not returned home. Officers began searching the area as a V-LINC message was sent to the community. At approximately 7:25 p.m., a resident who had received the V-LINC message observed the missing youth on Memorial Drive near Kirkwood. Officers responded to the area and located the man on his bicycle just west of the ring road. The minor was taken home where he was reunited with his family.

08/05/22 at 00:30. 11700 Block from Fidelia. Stolen motor vehicle recovered. Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle entering Villages from San Felipe to the Bayou. As officers began to check the area, a second hit occurred at Briar Forrest and Memorial. Officers then located the vehicle driving on Mayerling in the village of Bunker Hill and stopped the vehicle. Due to the inability to contact the victim of the stolen SUV, the prosecutor’s office denied the charges. The 41-year-old woman was driven out of the area while the stolen vehicle was recovered and towed away from the scene.

08/05/22 at 0315 Hours. 600 Knipp block. Drunk driving. Officers observed the suspects’ vehicle driving over Knipp and crossing the lane markers 2 times. At the Taylorcrest intersection, the vehicle failed to come to a complete stop at the stop sign, at which point the vehicle was pulled over. The driver showed signs of being intoxicated and underwent a series of sobriety tests. After failing the tests, the driver was taken into custody and a blood test was taken. The 46-year-old was later taken to Harris County Jail without incident.

09/05/22 at 2315 Hours. 11900 Block of cobblestones. Fraud. The victim reported that she received a text message regarding suspicious activity on her debit card. Further investigation showed that it was used in California to order pizza. The victim got the phone number used to order the pizza and called the number. Shortly after, she started receiving phone calls from 2 different CA numbers where the caller was providing her with the personal IDs of the victims in an intimidating manner. Information about the transaction was obtained and provided to detectives for their follow-up investigation. The account was frozen by the victim.

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