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A local man is being held without bail after being arraigned Monday on two sets of charges accusing him of robbing two stores in less than a week.

Grover Pangburn, from Rutland, has been charged with a repeat offender, for whom he could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted. He also has several pending charges – mostly misdemeanors – in Vermont and a series of charges stemming from an alleged October 8 incident in which police said Pangburn was driving a stolen van and led police into a two-county lawsuit in Warren and Washington counties in New York City that ended in a crash.

In Rutland County Criminal Court on Monday, Pangburn pleaded not guilty to a set of charges consisting of one count of burglary and one count of robbery to an alleged incident at the Jiffy Mart on South Main Street in Rutland on October 10. 29.

The second set of charges includes one count of burglary, one count of the felony of robbery and one count of unlawful mischief for an alleged incident at Terrill Street Discount Beverage in Rutland on November 3. Pangburn has pleaded not guilty to these charges. , also.

The first set of charges is based on an affidavit prepared by Detective Cpl. Adam Lucia, of the Rutland City Police Department, who said he and other detectives in the department were monitoring convenience stores on October 29 due to a recent spate of burglaries.

At approximately 3:10 am, police were informed that an alarm at the Jiffy Mart indicated that someone was inside the building.

Lucia said that upon arriving at the store, he saw a broken window and a cinder block on the floor inside the store near the broken window. No one was inside the store when the police arrived, but Lucia said there were signs that cigarettes had been taken.

Detectives were shown surveillance footage of the incident and as they watched other officers stopped a car at the Jiffy Mart. Lucia said Pangburn, whom police considered a “person of interest” in several recent break-ins and retail thefts, was a passenger in the car.

The affidavit states that Pangburn denied committing the burglary, but admitted to “spurring” articles. Pangburn has several outstanding retail theft charges.

According to Lucia, another man told police on November 10 that he was on the lookout when Pangburn and a second person robbed the Jiffy Mart.

Pangburn was arrested Saturday on unrelated charges. Lucia said Pangburn, in an interview at the time, admitted to robbing the Jiffy Mart on October 29.

The second set of charges is based on an affidavit prepared by Constable Tyler Billings, also of the Rutland Town Police Department, who said police were dispatched to the Terrill Street Discount Beverage on November 3 at around 3 a.m. 20 for a report that someone had entered the company.

During this investigation, police located Pangburn in the parking lot of an auto service company on North Main Street, about a five-minute walk away.

Billings said detectives, including Lucia, spoke to Pangburn and that he again admitted stealing from retail stores, but denied doing “B&E” or “break-ins”.

Billings said he found a black gym bag near the stage with items inside believed to be from the Terrill Street business. According to the affidavit, the items inside the bag were worth just over $ 1,000.

Billings said a company window was smashed and apparently used to access the building. The estimated cost of repairing the window is around $ 400.

The affidavit stated that Billings, like Lucia, spoke to Pangburn after Pangburn’s arrest on Saturday. He allegedly admitted using a hammer to smash the window of Terrill Street Discount Beverage and stealing items inside.

During Pangburn’s arraignment on Monday, Ian Sullivan, Deputy Attorney General for Rutland County, asked Judge David Fenster to hold Pangburn without bail. He pointed out that Pangburn had 13 notes for not appearing in court in his criminal history.

Attorney Mary Kay Lanthier, who represents Pangburn, has asked Fenster to release Pangburn and consider conditions like being required to report to the Rutland County Sheriff‘s Department daily.

She claimed that Rutland was Pangburn’s home and that the police were able to find him there.

Fenster said he took into account the fact that Pangburn had been charged with “life offenses” and that he had several notes on his file indicating that he did not appear in court while taking his decision to keep Pangburn in jail. He also noted that “Pangburn’s conduct appears to be getting more and more serious.”

Since Pangburn was charged as a repeat offender in both cases, an increase in the sentence available when an accused has three or more previous felony convictions at the time of new felony charges is possible, Pangburn faces life imprisonment in both cases. For Pangburn, the previous counts were one conviction for evading leave in June 2019 and using a counterfeit instrument and two convictions for selling heroin, all from June 2017.



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