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A man accused of shooting and killing his 23-year-old nephew outside a courthouse Thursday in Medford, Massachusetts, is due to appear Friday.

Chenghai Xue, 44, faces a judge on Friday for murder in Somerville District Court. The fatal shooting, which happened just before 5pm Thursday outside Cambridge District Courthouse, is being investigated by the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office and Medford Police.

Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan held a press conference on the fatal shooting on Thursday during which she identified the suspect as Xue, the victim’s own uncle.

According to Ryan, Massachusetts State Police and Medford Police immediately responded to the courthouse on Mystic Valley Parkway after a witness called 911. A correctional officer from the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office and the Massachusetts District Court officers were also at the scene.

Citing a preliminary investigation, the district attorney alleged that Xue shot and killed her nephew, a 23-year-old Revere, in the courthouse parking lot after the two men had a hearing inside. Ryan said Xue was seeking an extension of a restraining order he had against his nephew, but a judge ruled on Thursday that it would end.

After the hearing, the two men left the courthouse and walked to the parking lot where their vehicles were parked. Xue then allegedly got into his vehicle – a white SUV – and drove his nephew, hitting him and other vehicles in the parking lot, Ryan said.

Xue then allegedly exited his vehicle with a handgun, leaned over his nephew and shot him multiple times, Ryan said. The victim, whose name has not been released, was pronounced dead at the scene and Xue was taken into custody.

Chenghai Xue, 44, has been charged with murder for fatally shooting his nephew, a 23-year-old man from Revere, according to the Middlesex County prosecutor.

Attorney William Barabino represented Xue in the case involving the restraining order and spoke to NBC10 Boston at the scene shortly after the fatal shooting. He said Xue took out a restraining order against his nephew a few years ago, though he wouldn’t comment on why the two had a rocky relationship.

According to Barabino, the judge’s decision on Thursday not to renew the restraining order Xue had against his nephew must have affected him more than anyone thought.

“It’s moving, it’s powerful, it really affected him, apparently more than I could see. I knew it affected him, clearly, but it obviously affected him a lot,” Barabino said. .

Xue’s attorney first thought he heard construction noises, but then came out and realized what had happened.

“He apparently pinned him against the car and then shot him five times, fatally,” Barabino said of what allegedly happened in the parking lot.

Barabino says he kept his client at the scene until police arrived.

“I walked in and kind of put my knee on his back, just rubbed his back a bit, just to comfort him I guess,” he said. “I just looked at a corpse here, and my client here, and I knew the police would want him, so I just held him there with my knee.”

Barabino says he was saddened by what happened on Thursday, noting how comfortable he felt with his client because of his friendly demeanor.

“It’s really sad…he was so sweet, so kind. He had no history of violence. He never had a restraining order against him. He never had any allegations of physical violence,” Barabino told reporters. “He grew up in China originally, and he got his doctorate there, it was in statistics…just a very bright guy. He was basically the number one of all the scholastics, of all his training . And then he went to Harvard for a post-doc in statistics. And he has two kids… And I know he loves his kids very much.”

“There are going to be two kids at home who don’t have a father if in fact he’s the killer and he’s going to jail for the rest of his life,” he added. “He was very nice, pleasant, timely and decent, and just like the type of guy you’d always want to work next to you, you know what I mean? So as a result, you go, ‘wow, wow, I did not expect that.

Barabino also noted how sad he felt for his client because his life will never be the same again.

One man was killed and a second is in custody, officials said.

“It’s really annoying…he’s a very nice, nice, nice guy, but obviously it was creating stuff inside that none of us knew about, or at least he didn’t have the ability to express it. So yeah, it’s disappointing.”

The district attorney did not say whether Xue had a history of violence, but she did confirm that he had a transportation license.

Ryan also wouldn’t comment on the bad blood between the two family members, saying it would be discussed during Xue’s arraignment. The motive for Thursday’s shooting was not immediately known.

“We know the restraining order has not been renewed,” the prosecutor said. “We don’t know that’s the reason for everything that happened outside.”

In the aftermath of the shooting, aerial footage from the scene showed a major police response outside the courthouse, with the primary at the back of the building and crime scene tape blocking off both sides .

Investigators also focused on the area where the suspect’s and victim’s vehicles were parked close to each other, with the suspect’s vehicle at an angle to the victim’s vehicle.

Ryan said she was troubled that the shooting happened at such a busy hour outside the courthouse.

“First of all, it’s the middle of the day. In addition to the courthouse, there are a number of other businesses, restaurants and things in this area, so there is obviously a risk for safety,” the DA said. “Also, people are always in the courthouse for incidents that are upsetting in some way. Either they are victims, or they are witnesses, or they have found themselves in trouble. It is already a place where there is has a situation of very exacerbated tension.

“For something like this to happen, especially at the end of the day as people were leaving the courthouse, employees were leaving, other things were winding up, people were heading to the parking lot, it’s extremely concerning,” she added.

The courthouse has security cameras and investigators are currently reviewing that video footage, Ryan said.

Xue will be arraigned Friday morning in Somerville District Court for murder. It was not immediately clear who would represent him in court; Barabino noted that would be a conflict of interest for him.

Investigators were at Xue’s home Thursday night, talking with a relative inside; she didn’t know what had happened.

This is an active and ongoing investigation by the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, Massachusetts State Police Detectives and Medford Police.

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