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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part of a series that examines what communities in Lake County went through in 2021 and what they are facing in 2022.

Madison Village continued to move closer in 2021 towards the start of a major infrastructure project.

Design work has been completed for an interconnect that will direct sanitary wastewater from the village to the Lake County Utilities Department wastewater treatment plant on Dock Road in Madison Township.

“It will actually be a goal next year to install (the sanitary sewer interconnection),” said village administrator Dwayne Bailey.

In a recent interview with The News-Herald, Bailey recapped some of the village’s top achievements in 2021 and top priorities for 2022.

Here are some of the biggest projects and efforts made through the efforts of the Madison Village government during the current year:

• The village has a new service garage.

“It’s a really nice building that belonged to Lake County and they no longer had use of, and we were able to move our after sales service to a much more modern and much nicer building,” Bailey said. .

Madison Village acquired this service garage on Samuel Street earlier this year. Lake County, which previously owned and occupied the garage, decided it no longer had any use for the building. The county therefore donated the garage to Madison Village. For the village, this building is much more modern and functional than its old service garage. (Bill DeBus – The News-Herald)

Madison Village Service didn’t have to travel far to move their trucks and equipment to the Lake County Satellite Road garage. Indeed, the two buildings are located next to each other on Samuel Street.

Lake County decided to leave the garage earlier this year for several reasons.

“With the pandemic returning and other issues, they decided to bring these guys (who worked at Madison’s satellite garage) back to their main campus, and it seemed to work better for them,” he said. .

Madison Village received the building “essentially as a donation of goods that are no longer useful, from one political subdivision to another,” Bailey explained.

“It was a pleasant surprise,” he said.

• The village has added another full-time officer to its police department.

Bailey said Madison Village is keen to increase the size of its police force to keep up with the community’s residential and business growth.

• The village has partnered with Madison Community Improvement Corp. to organize a very successful concert series in Madison Village Park.

“And the outdoor market has also grown by leaps and bounds,” Bailey said.

Seated author Katherine Kerestman sells copies of her book, “Creepy Cat’s Macabre Travels,” during the opening night of the 2021 Madison Village outdoor market on June 3. A life-size mummy stands by her table, doing her part to attract customers. (Submitted)

The village open-air market and concerts in the park take place on Thursday evenings during a season which usually runs from early June to late August.

Vendors sell their wares at the open-air market from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., while concerts start at 7 p.m. and end at 9 a.m. Both events are based at Village Park, located on West Main and River Streets.

• Madison Village has established a downtown outdoor refreshment zone, or DORA, in a limited section of the community.

A DORA allows licensed liquor establishments in a designated area to sell alcohol in specially marked cups, and adults are permitted to take these cups outside establishments in a specific area for a specified period of time.

The Madison Village DORA encompasses the park and village square; West Main Street, between River Street and East Main Street; and North Lake Street from its southernmost point to the railway line.

Six dining establishments were authorized to participate: Duffy’s Tavern; Young’s Sushi Bar, which was recently reopened by new owners as Osaka Sushi House and Bar; Cornerstone Brewing Co.; tavern 528; Mexican restaurant Wild Burrito; and Quigley’s Squarerigger Saloon.

The launch of the village DORA coincided with the start of the 2021 season of the Open Air Market and Concerts in the Park. Thus, adults were able to enjoy alcoholic beverages while attending these events.

“This year has been kind of a smooth opening with DORA, and it’s been very successful, very well regarded,” Bailey said.

• The village received a H2Ohio grant to restore wetlands adjacent to Madison Senior Center on Hubbard Road.

“This (project) will ultimately provide, among other things, yellow warbler habitat and high-rank wetlands, and we seek to follow up on this wetland restoration by providing a walkway accessible to people with disabilities so that people can bird watch and walk around, ”Bailey said.

Throughout 2021, Madison Village government officials have also been monitoring the progress of new businesses that are currently being developed or will soon be built in the community. These efforts include:

• Camping World, which sells recreational vehicles and related products and services, plans announced to build a new RV dealership at the end of Water Tower Drive, near the Interstate 90 and Route 528 interchange

“They’re in the clearance process right now, so we’re very excited about it,” Bailey said.

• Construction begins on a new road, called the Great Lakes Way, in the new Grand River Gateway Business Park. This site is located near the southeast side of Interstate 90 and Route 528.

Bailey said work on the road was nearing completion.

The business park will be anchored by the future world headquarters of Great Lakes Power Products.

• Two events occurred in 2021 that will bring more activity to Sidley Business Park, which is based on the northeast corner of the Interstate 90 and Route 528 interchange.

In June, the Meyer RV Superstores bought the Mentor RV dealer located on RW Parkway in the Sidley Business Park.

Meyer has also acquired most of the remaining undeveloped land on RW Parkway and “has pretty ambitious expansion plans there,” Bailey said.

Separately, Hissong Group Inc. has purchased another section of land available on RW Parkway and has announced its desire to build a business on the site that sells and services Kenworth heavy trucks.

Between the proposed new Kenworth concessionaire and the purchase by Meyer RV Superstores of additional unused land in the Sidley Business Park, only one of the other two lots would still be available for development along the RW Parkway.

Regarding Madison Village’s main goals for 2022, Bailey mentioned these efforts:

• Solicit bids for the construction of the sanitary sewer interconnection project.

A contractor recently completed a cultural resource assessment of the land that would be excavated during the sanitary sewer interconnection, Bailey said. This assessment was an Ohio EPA environmental requirement that had to be completed before construction began.

“(The Cultural Resource Assessment) is where they go out and do minor digs and look for arrowheads and human remains and clay pots and stuff like that,” he said.

Bailey, in an email Dec. 29, said he had just received a formal report on the assessment, which he intended to review and submit to the Ohio EPA promptly.

If the state agency confirms that the Madison construction project will not negatively impact cultural or historical resources, the village may seek bids from potential contractors.

“Hopefully we get this (project contract) awarded by March, at the latest, to start construction,” Bailey said.

• Develop the village’s outdoor market by registering more vendors and improve concerts in the park by reserving new musical numbers that attract additional spectators.

• Complete the wetland restoration project near Madison Senior Center by summer 2022.

Village government leaders also hope to see the ground shattered in 2022 for the Camping World RV dealership; the Sheetz convenience store at the northwest corner of the I-90 and Route 528 interchange; and the Love’s Travel Stop store on the southwest side of I-90 and Route 528.

Although Great Lakes Power Products hosted a groundbreaking event in July for the Global Business Park Project, Bailey believes the company could hold another ceremony, possibly by fall 2022, when construction of its real world headquarters will begin.

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