Law & Order fan favorite returns for season 21

Sam Waterston will return to Law and order when the series returns to television next year after more than a decade of hiatus. Law and order as a brand practically did not fail; the series’ many spinoffs have kept her alive since the original version was released in 2010. But with Law and order Returning “classic” to the small screen, Waterston’s Jack McCoy had to make an appearance. While the long wait between seasons has many fans calling it a reboot, Law and order treats this as a “season 21,” although that doesn’t mean the show will pick up where it left off in 2010.

Law and order would be the longest live, scripted prime-time show in American television history, if not for its spinoff, Law & Order: Special Victims Assistance Unit. A fan-favorite Waterston played Jack McCoy in 16 of the show’s 20 original seasons, first as Deputy District Attorney and then as District Attorney.

The announcement of Waterston’s return came via an Instagram post to the production company behind the series. You can see it below.

The premise of Law and order is beautiful in its simplicity: there are two groups of protagonists: the police and the prosecutors. In each episode, audiences followed detectives investigating a violent crime for the first half of the hour. The second half would head to the district attorney’s office, where two prosecutors, with guidance from the DA, are working on a conviction.

As well as being a staple of NBC’s prime-time programming for 20 years, the show was also a staple in New York culture. It took place in New York and was filmed in locations around the city. Most of the townspeople could easily choose the parks, schools and other public spaces used for filming. In 2004, a road leading to Pier 62 at Chelsea Piers was named the “Law & Order Way” to honor the series. New Yorkers have a long-standing joke that any local actor, politician, or celebrity has inevitably discovered Law and order at one point, as the sheer number of episodes meant the show needed a constant influx of new faces.

outraged Law and order, Waterston is best known for his stage work, including a Tony Award-winning tour as Abraham Lincoln in Abe Lincoln in Illinois, which he did after already playing Lincoln in a TV miniseries a few years before. After Law and order, he appeared in HBO The press room, the western series from Netflix Impious, and the streamer’s comedy series Grace and Frankie.

Besides Waterston, TV line reports that Law and orderreturning star will be returning star Anthony Anderson (blackish) as det. Kevin Bernard; Jeffrey Donovan (Burn notice) a police officer; Hugh Dancy (Annibal, The path) as deputy prosecutor; Camryn Manheim (The practice) as Lieutenant Kate Dixon; and Oldelya Halevi (Good Worry) as Deputy District Attorney Samantha Maroun.

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