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One Huffman got engaged, another survived COVID-19, and one of us has relearned how to roller skate! These are three of Jennifer Huffman’s ten best moments of 2021. Let’s dive into:

Huffman’s oldest daughter and another important person get engaged

In April, the older girl’s significant other put a ring on it. And he even invited all four parents to attend the proposal. My heart was in my throat as we watched him ask the question and their sweet excitement. The daughter and groom are now planning a wedding for 2022. We practice calling each other in-laws.

Husband survives shingles and COVID-19

This fall started off brilliantly, but quickly got out of hand. Dear husband (DH) got shingles in September, followed by COVID-19 two months later. I’ve learned that when DH complains of a throbbing pain, he doesn’t make it up which is shingles. Then I learned how lucky we are to have a house big enough to quarantine DH when he tested positive for COVID-19.

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We survive a kitchen remodel

Our 90s kitchen caught fire in 2021. The renovation process has had its ups and downs. Highlights: new worktops, paint, floors, farmhouse sink and stylish new toilets. Bottom: $ 2,000 worth of wood beams, grossly inaccurate “contractor estimates”, kitchen islands cut to the wrong size, cut to the wrong size again, and matte or gloss paint accidents.

Dead ancestors found in abandoned mausoleum

In September, Grandma Sue, Aunt Judy, Uncle Dave and I composed our own episode of History Detectives as we searched for the final resting place of “lost” loved ones in St. Louis. Highlight: visit of the “haunted / abandoned” mausoleum, complete with bags of ashes and empty? busy? wooden coffins.

On a whim, last Christmas, I asked Cher Mari for a pair of roller skates. My vision: I would ride, jump and spin like 13-year-old Jennifer growing up on Buena Vista Drive. That would be great. Surprisingly, my wish came true. I rolled. I did some spinning. I did a bit of a jump. This at been awesome. Thanks DH.

I tried Botox for the first time

Has anyone else received a State Farm rebate check this year? On a whim I used mine to try Botox.

Verdict: yes, some wrinkles were paralyzed. Yes, two eyebrows may have been raised slightly. Will I do it again? It depends on how State Farm is in 2022.

It turns out that a global pandemic is good for some things. Like postponing your first colonoscopy. But thanks to Pfizer’s vaccine, I ran out of excuses. So in May, I took a little “nap” while a doctor looked at my you-know-what. The verdict? Everything is clear. Enough said.

I have been vaccinated three times against COVID-19

Speaking of Pfizer, starting in April we Huffmans got vaccinated one by one. Today, we are all vaxxed to the maximum. Anyway to end this crazy pandemic and get back to our new “normal” count, count me. I will bar my arm for as many hits as necessary.

A fun year as Girl Reporter

I love this job, but there are always certain stories that make a year especially fun. In 2021, I got to dive into the history of the old Napa company called Helgeland, meet baby giraffes, revisit lions I met as a baby and ride a roller coaster in the back. – backyard that was almost as good as a trip to Disneyland. I’m coming back for more after a short vacation break.

New walking routine with Cher Mari

During the pandemic, DH, Penny the dog and I started a new routine: we walk about 2 miles together almost every morning. I might not always jump out of bed for those morning walks, but it has been one of the best things about 2021.

And with that, I say see you soon 2021. It feels good to know you. Don’t take it personally when I say I hope 2022 will be even better.

Do you remember Helgeland? This Napa store was very popular in the late 60’s and early 70’s. It was owned by a woman named Hazelle Robison. Take a look at Old Helgeland and what the storefront looks like now.

Abandonment in maternity appears every other Monday. Follow Jennifer on Twitter: @NVRHuffman.


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