How Minnesota can help Ukrainians short on medical supplies

Last week we saw a video of Mark J. Lindquist from Minnesota (motivational speaker, former political candidate and US Air Force veteran) talk about the humanitarian work he and many other American and world citizens are doing to help Ukraine during the war.

Now he says they need your help, and here’s how to do it.

Mark Lindquist with Володимир Михалишин.

Mark Lindquist with Володимир Михалишин.

What is it like in Ukraine right now?

This week, we spoke to him live as he tried to find a car to make humanitarian aid deliveries to Lviv, an area of ​​Ukraine that has been at the center of recent Russian missile attacks.

It gives us the mood of people (super plain) and what happens to be feared during his missions inside Ukraine, and he tells us how we can help Ukrainians with our money or with medical items.

More on that in a moment, but first, click PLAY to hear the conversation from this morning’s show. (Click here for automatic unedited transcription)

The issue of fear

James- So now that you’re here and doing the supporting work, is it okay, quite honestly, is it scary to come in now that you know the Russians are focusing on Lavi?

To mark – Let me put it to you this way. Fear or doubt or anxiety about missile attacks or bombings. We really don’t think about it often. Why? ‘Cause it’s something you can’t control, right?

If you get hit by a missile, you won’t know it, what do you hear about the people at the table? They exploded in Afghanistan. They didn’t remember anything. The first thing they remember is when they woke up in the hospital bed. To the right?

So you won’t know James. I’m not trying to be flippant or try to downplay the danger because it’s a war zone, but why spend your time caring? Because you won’t even know what happened, will you?

So you might as well focus your energy and your, your thoughts on what you can do to help and, and the Ukrainians in front of you. And now that doesn’t mean we’re crazy cowboys and take extra risks. No, but it’s just, no, it’s not fruitful to think about it.

Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are. I don’t know who said it first, but Mark and so many other American veterans join with all kinds of civilians from the United States and many other countries, trying to do what they can for the people Ukrainian.

How can you contribute to the humanitarian effort?

Ukraine: Humanitarian aid for refugees (GoFundMe link)


Money is always good. This way they can buy local and that means helping the Ukrainian economy. Just click HERE.

Medical items

Mark describes the needs very well here.

There are also items that can be posted that are non-medical.

Marc Lindquist
ul.Mickiewicza 23
37-700 Przemysl, Poland

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Last week’s video –

And the baskets he talked about in the video come to life.

Minnesota Beyond Humanitarian Aid – Delivering Easter Baskets to Ukrainians

We’ve followed Mark J. Lindquist’s journey, but it’s not just Mark there…there are so many people all working together. If you want to help them with money, it will help them buy the items people need locally so their economy won’t falter.

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