Home loan repayment in cafeteria

As of January 1, 2015, the cafeteria system has been revamped well, with a more favorable tax rate of over HUF 200,000, only HUF 250,000 can be given on SZÉP cards only. (The SZÉP card can be used only in restaurants, domestic accommodation and to a lesser extent leisure activities.)

There is one sensible exception


Home loan repayments are tax-free for a maximum of HUF 5 million over a five-year period, or up to HUF 83,000 per month. (Although the law does not stipulate a schedule for paying this amount.)

Although this opportunity was partially provided in 2014, 2015 was a year of relief.

Most importantly, it can now be granted not only for the purchase of a home or to support the repayment of a new loan, but also to support the details of an existing home loan if the property is (partly) owned and borrowed from a credit or financial company or is used to replace former employee loans.

It is no longer necessary to consider the value of the property

It is no longer necessary to consider the value of the property

Only the number of rooms: maximum two rooms for two persons, three and a half rooms for three persons living together, maximum four rooms for four persons, plus half a room per person. (Only eligible housing is eligible.) Half room 6-12 sqm, room 12-30 sqm. Proof of co-habitation can be provided with copies of the address card.

It is now possible to take into account a loan used to replace an original home loan if the purpose of the original home loan you have fulfilled has been met (for purchase, construction or extension) It is important that the total amount for purchase, construction, modernization and expansion with at least one room %, up to a maximum of HUF 5 million.

Accessibility has also been included in the eligible uses


In a word, like a hundred, if you get a cafeteria, ask your employer if you have access to housing support. Since two-thirds of employers also pass on the tax on the cafeteria (you get a lot less), you are better off having your employer support the payment of your loan. Not to mention it is a hundred times more meaningful than a cultural voucher, a BEAUTIFUL card, a sports entrant and similar opportunities.

Since the law has made it lawful for the employer to check the eligibility and legality of the use, several employers, especially the larger ones, are reluctant to check hundreds and more employees ex ante. (If the subsidy does not qualify, you will have to pay 20% higher salary tax and contribution charges.) Therefore, many banks offer the opportunity to take over both eligibility and usage controls. If your employer does not want to pay for cafeteria in this way, talk to your bank about whether or not your employer is assisting with the administration.

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