Mark Haddad, unanimously appointed city administrator in November, attended his first city council meeting, The Jamestown Press reported on December 16, 2004.

Haddad replaces Mary Anne Crawford after her resignation to accept an administrative post in the East Greenwich school system. Members of the audience greeted their new CEO with applause and then saluted Thomas Tighe, Chief of Police, for serving ad interim.

100 Years Ago – December 10, 1921 (Newport Mercury)

A barge containing 1110 tonnes of pea coal lies in deep water between Fort Adams and The Dumplings after sinking without warning.

The barge was one of three ships leaving New York for Boston and took refuge in Narragansett Bay pending better weather conditions. Passing through Fort Adams, the middle barge sank. The barge crew escaped in a small boat which landed on the shore near Narragansett Pier.

75 Years Ago – December 13, 1946 (Newport Mercury)

As divers continue to search for the body of the drowned sailor off the east coast of Jamestown, a US Navy investigative committee is investigating the cause of the abnormal collision between the tug Lone Wolf and the tanker Caloosahatchee.

The exact spot where the tug sank has still not been determined. The sonar used to locate the torpedoes has been deployed in the general area, and investigators believe they have located the location. Attempts to hook the tug to the grapples, however, failed after an estimated 4-knot rising tide kept the line from bottoming at 120 feet of water.

High winds and rough seas suspended the rescue operation, and underwater workers suspended their attempts to dive for the body of 18-year-old Leading Seaman Joseph Peter Santoro.

50 Years Ago – December 10, 1971 (Newport Mercury)

The two rescues in Jamestown will soon take place with female drivers behind the wheel after completing their training with the ambulance corps.

The female volunteers, who generally act as escorts with the patients, may switch places with the male drivers if a patient becomes difficult for the women to manage. Female drivers will also be asked to go to hospital urgently if the men are not available.

Training Officer Roy Richardson and Corps Commander Roy Rochon gave the driving lessons.

25 Years Ago – December 12, 1996 (The Jamestown Press)

The city council has agreed to study the possibility of using the golf course irrigation pond as a community rink.

Jamestown resident Chip Young introduced the proposal.

“The people of the city have been good enough to support the golf course, and it’s about time we gave them something all year round,” he said. There is no reason that it should not benefit people who do not play golf.

Young said maintenance of the pond, which is about 5 feet deep and 12,000 feet in circumference, could be carried out by local teenagers whose salaries would be paid through donations. Young offered the first $ 100 himself.

Young said his proposal could also attract businesses to the clubhouse, which is closed during the winter because there are no golfers. Matt Bolles, director of parks and recreation, said he saw “no glaring problems” with the proposal.

“There are no major obstacles to this plan,” he said.

10 Years Ago – Dec 15, 2011 (The Jamestown Press)

A 350-ton construction barge that sank under the Newport Pell Bridge in a snowstorm in October has been lifted off the seabed of Narragansett Bay.

The work was carried out by a 265-foot-tall crane that arrived in Rhode Island from Newark Bay in New Jersey aboard Chesapeake 1000, a 190-foot-long freight barge.


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