Green lantern: who is the most powerful black lantern?

The Green Lantern series featured the Black Lantern Corps, created to be antithetical to the various bodies of the emotional spectrum of Nekron, one of DC’s many personifications of death. The 2009 scenario, Blackest night, saw Nekron use menacing black rings to resurrect the dead across the DC Universe, amassing an army that has blackened the skies, killed beloved characters and forever changed the landscape of the DC Universe as it is. was then known.

Among the ranks of the Black Lantern were some of the most powerful beings in the stars, none more powerful than the Specter, the Anti-Monitor, and Nekron himself. But who among these titans could be considered the most powerful of the dark villains?


Of these three characters, the Specter is perhaps the oldest character in terms of publication history, as he first appeared in the 1940s. More fun comics # 52. Created by artist Bernard Bailey and writer Jerry Seigel, the Specter was a vengeful spirit, driven to seek justice for the murder of cop Jim Corrigan, who became his host. Over the years, this mission would expand for the Specter, being written in more modern interpretations as the embodiment of the wrath of God. As such, DC’s Spirit of Vengeance is a powerful and ultimately unpredictable figure.

Over the years, the Specter has faced many hosts, although at the time of this event he was residing in Crispus Allen, a Gotham City police officer. Having already been killed and resurrected, a black ring attaches to Allen as there were other characters who had already perished and then returned. This action effectively sealed the Specter within, but allowed the Black Lantern to use the vast power of the entity. This power allowed the Specter to resist the typical means of destroying a Black Lantern (two or more lantern lights focused on a host). In order to defeat this powerhouse, Hal Jordan once again allowed himself to be possessed by Parallax, snatching the Specter from his host Black Lantern. Even though he was very powerful, the Specter was defeated by Parallax, an entity that probably could not have resisted the power of either the Anti-Monitor or Nekron.

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The Anti-Monitor

DC original Crisis on Infinite Earths (by Marv Wolfman and George Perez) watched the villainous Anti-Monitor, an ancient anti-matter being, consume countless worlds in his cloud of anti-matter. With the combined power of hundreds of heroes across the multiverse, this divine figure has finally been defeated. As a result of this conflict, the entire history of the DC Universe would be altered and the Anti-Monitor would appear in many events as a way to escalate the conflict, even becoming a yellow lantern during the “Sinestro Corps War” , although he was apparently killed by Superboy-Prime during this event.

Possessing enough power to collapse the multiverse, Nekron uses the Anti-Monitor as a power source for his Lantern Power Battery. While most Black Lanterns are silly envelopes who act solely on Nekron’s will, the Anti-Monitor is unique in that he is not a full-fledged Black Lantern. Following a confrontation with Guy Gardner and a number of lanterns from various corps, the Anti-Monitor is killed, though his corpse is sucked into the battery to be used as a power source again. Near the fence of Darkest night, The Anti-Monitor would receive a white ring, effectively freeing it from the battery pack, even though it would still be banned into the Anti-Matter Universe by Nekron.

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Among the Black Lanterns, there are none whose potency matches that of the ancestor himself. Even though he has been seen most prominently in Blackest night, Nekron, lord of the undead, first appeared in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps # 2 (by Mike W. Barr, Len Wein and Joe Staton) in 1981 as a cosmic being who gave Krona the power to fight the Guardians. He rarely appeared after this story, mostly with plots to escape the Dimension of the Unliving and find his way into the main DC Universe, these appearances only indicating the true scope of his power.

Using the Black Rings, Nekron was able to work towards his goal of consuming all living things and ultimately destroying the White Entity, the embodiment of life. Making powerful beings like the Specter and the Anti-Monitor his puppets, Nekron almost sees this plan come to fruition, but Hal Jordan’s intervention and the destruction of the power bank sees the Lord of the Undead defeated and destroyed. . Free from the influence of the Black Lantern, the Anti-Monitor likely could have defeated Nekron, but without complete control of himself and with his death at the hands of the body, the Anti-Monitor was at Nekron’s mercy. With its power increasing second by second, it’s likely that nothing but white light could have stopped Nekron.

With a new Black Lantern recently returned to the DC Universe, it is very possible that the Dark Lord of the Undying will resurrect with a new plan to bring death to all life in the universe.

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