Flow Beverage Corp. signs a distribution agreement with Foodbuy

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Flow Beverage Corp. (TSX: FLOW; OTCQX: FLWBF) (“Flow” or the “Company”) today announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Foodbuy Foodservice (“Foodbuy”), whereby alkaline spring water Flow will be available for purchase at more than 11,000 new retail outlets across the hospitality and leisure, restaurant and catering, gaming and casino, country club, healthcare and education. This distribution agreement represents another strategic step in Flow’s growing restaurant business, which also includes recent contracts with hotel group Accor and Norwegian Cruise Lines Holdings Ltd.

Foodbuy Foodservice is a division of Foodbuy, LLC – North America’s largest foodservice procurement and supply chain solutions organization. Foodbuy provides sourcing, distribution management, shopping optimization, culinary solutions consulting, e-sourcing and auditing services to a range of businesses including hospitality, restaurants and hotels, retirement homes and educational institutions.

Flow Founder and CEO Nicholas Reichenbach said:We are delighted to add Foodbuy as a distribution partner in the food service industry, a very important sector which we believe will lead to significant growth for Flow. Foodservice sales not only contribute to our top line, they drive testing and are a catalyst for growth in other segments such as retail and e-commerce. To that end, the Flow team has made tremendous strides in building our foodservice distribution network with elite organizations such as Foodbuy. For Flow, this distribution agreement leverages Foodbuy’s vast network of consumers in the United States who currently do not have access to Flow products and diversifies our distribution capabilities with an organization that shares our vision and values.

About Foodbuy

Foodbuy Foodservice is a division of Foodbuy, LLC – North America’s largest foodservice procurement and supply chain solutions organization and the sole sourcing partner of its parent company, Compass Group North America. Foodbuy manages a purchasing volume of over $26 billion, giving it an edge when negotiating contracts for Compass Group and Foodbuy members.

About the feed

Flow is one of the fastest growing premium water companies in North America. Founded in 2014, Flow’s mission from day one has been to reduce environmental impacts by providing sustainably sourced naturally alkaline spring water in plant-based packaging that is recyclable and up to 75% renewable. Today, the brand is B-Corp certified with a score of 126.5, the best in its category, offering a diverse range of beverages focused on health and well-being: original naturally alkaline spring water, organic flavors award-winning, infused with collagen and vitamins. – infused flavors in sizes ranging from 330 ml to 1 litre. All products contain naturally occurring essential electrolytes and minerals and support Flow’s overall goal of “bring well-being to the world through the positive power of water. Flow beverages are available online at flowhydration.com and are sold in over 36,000 stores across North America.

For more information about Flow, please visit Flow’s Investor Relations site at: investor.flowhydration.com.


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