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“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we applied our best to the task at hand. »Vince Lombardi.

The above quote aptly describes the exploits of Major General Shuiabu Ibrahim, CEO of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). A lot could have been said about recent innovations at NYSC. However, not enough credit was given to this man, who has shown an unwavering commitment to the service of the country.

He was an example of hard work and dedication. He brought his experiences as an academic and administrator to good use, so it’s no wonder he was able to implement policies that positioned the NYSC in this viable institution to fulfill his mandate.
I remember when he took charge of the project, not many people knew much about him, and they thought it was going to be business as usual. But they had no idea that the NYSC was poised for a rapid transformation into this hub for the fulfillment of the dreams of our teeming youth.

Under the leadership of Major General Shuaibu Ibrahim, the NYSC was able to introduce a mechanism that significantly reduced the problems of false results. We all know that the problem of students with false results was almost a pandemic. It was so widespread that it brought phenomenal embarrassment to the country. We feasted on stories of our supposed corporation members who couldn’t compose an appropriate grammatical sentence. Some did not even know the meaning of the NYSC. It was so bad.
Today, that is ancient history, as strict measures were instituted to ensure that people with false or unqualified results were not enrolled in the NYSC program. Instead, we are sprinkled with innovations from corporate members towards nation building.

Another critical aspect of Major General Shuaibu Ibrahim’s leadership, among others that I would like to highlight, is the role of corps members in electoral processes in Nigeria. A striking example was the recent governorate elections in Anambra State. It is recorded that the CEO was physically present in the state and visited almost all areas of the local government to inspect the conduct of the members of the corps.
He not only inspected their activities, you could see a link between the corps members and the CEO. This bond looks like a father-son / daughter relationship. That’s the vibe at NYSC today, where members of the body see the CEO not as the CEO but as a role model. His penchant for work resonates with every member of the company, which has increased the productivity level of company members in their various major duty stations.

Plan staff are not left out either. They would gladly tell you that it is a new dawn in the NYSC since the arrival of Major General Shuaibu Ibrahim. Some have attributed this to the fact that he had a previous stint as a military assistant to a former DG as a young officer. And it was easy for him to understand the issues that needed to be resolved in order to reposition the NYSC.

My summary of Major General Shuiabu Ibrahim is when intelligence meets hard work. Some might not realize that in addition to wearing the rank of Major General, the CEO is also a professor of military history. At one point in his distinguished career, he headed the Department of History and War Studies at the Nigerian Defense Academy. He was also the first registrar of the Nigerian Army University in Bui, Borno State, where he laid a solid foundation for the university to take off. And to this day, his records at the Nigerian Defense Academy and the University of the Nigerian Army stand tall.

Major General Shuaibu Ibrahim also testifies that the country recognizes and rewards hard work with his recent rise to the rank of Major General. It is instructive to mention that he was a brigadier general when he resumed his duties at the NYSC. And the rise to prestigious rank has come as no surprise to many who know his style as a quintessential scholar and administrator, and one who sees what others don’t and thinks outside the box to solve problems.
A good example is the NYSC trust fund project which recently passed first reading in the Federal House of Representatives.

By silencing the idea of ​​the NYSC Trust Fund, it was found that the goal was to ensure that members of the company have the necessary funds to translate their business ideas into reality.
In my opinion, the NYSC Trust Fund is not about members of society; it is about the teeming youth of the country. From all indications, the NYSC Trust Fund is proving to be a key vehicle in tackling youth unemployment in the country.

Admittedly, youth unemployment remains a problem that requires the attention it deserves. And here we have a man who has looked beyond what the NYSC has for the hundreds of thousands of young people who go through the program each year to think about how to harness their potential even after completing their year of college. service.

People like Major General Shuiabu Ibrahim are exemplary in their conduct, hence the carnival atmosphere when news leaked that the CEO was awarded the rank of Major General. The atmosphere was electrifying in the various NYSC offices across the country. The staff and corps were cheerful and sang his praises to Heaven. The display of love by everyone is a sign that merit and hard work indeed have no religion or tribe. He is everyone’s friend.

For Major General Shuiabu Ibrahim, the price of success is hard work, dedication to the job, and the determination that, whether we win or lose, we applied our best to the task at hand. I salute this exceptional Nigerian who redefined leadership. Congratulations, Major General Sir! may this new grade bring you more work.

Akintunde is a public affairs analyst based in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State.
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