East Central College Receives ‘Historic’ $ 5 Million Donation From Anonymous Donors | Local News

East Central College received the largest donation in its history – $ 5 million.

The gift, which was made by a couple who asked to remain anonymous, is intended to be used for nursing scholarships and the campus pantry, according to a press release Tuesday.

“Lives will be changed and lives will be saved with this incredible gift,” ECC President Dr Jon Bauer said in the statement. “Students have the opportunity to pursue their dream of becoming a nurse. “

He continued, “Every student who becomes a nurse will have a huge impact on the lives of countless patients. And for those students who need the most basic help, the Pantry will be in a good position to provide that help when it’s needed most.

ECC maintains the student pantry to assist students throughout the year who may need occasional help with dietary needs during any given week. Several campus student clubs, faculty and staff regularly donate to the pantry to help keep it stocked.

The couple who made the donation have been funding a memorial scholarship for nursing students since 2018, according to Bridgette Kelch, executive director of the ECC Foundation. Through a charitable residual trust, the couple pays a specific percentage each year for the rest of their lives. The trust is valued at $ 1.5 million today.

“We are shocked and incredibly grateful for what this gift will mean for our students now and in the immediate future,” Kelch said. “Receiving this record-breaking gift during a pandemic says a lot about donors and their commitment to education. “

Although the donor wishes to remain anonymous, Bauer said it was important for college stakeholders to be aware of the donation.

“This historic moment begins with compassion and generosity,” said Bauer. “We know it is very important to the donor that the resources are used to improve the world around us. In addition, this gift is a testament to the quality of the work that is done at East Central. I am grateful for this gift and for the trust placed in us.

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