Dutch Lhyfe to develop 200 MW hydrogen production plant in Delfzijl

LONDON (ICIS) – Dutch hydrogen company Lhyfe announced on October 6 that it will develop a hydrogen production facility in Delfzijl, located in the northeast of the Netherlands, near the German border.

The facility is expected to have a production capacity of 200MW, with access to offshore wind turbines to supply electricity for the hydrogen production process as well as potential for hydrogen storage in a former salt cavern .

Delfzijl is home to a “significant chemical and industrial industry”, with hydrogen demand in the region “expected to grow significantly in the future”, Lhyfe said in the press release.

Luc Grare, head of Central and Eastern Europe for the company, said in the press release that “the plant in Delfzijl de Lhyfe will be able to supply green products [renewable] hydrogen in the Netherlands, as well as to potential buyers in Germany and other border countries.

“The execution of the project is subject to obtaining the required operating licenses and building permits as well as the financial investment decision,” Lyfhe said.

The Delfzijl industrial park already has several hydrogen projects underway given its demand for industrial raw materials, connections to the gas network and direct connection to the electricity transmission network.

Another hydrogen project, a 20 MW electrolyzer for the production of green methanol, is delivered by Djewels in the Delfzijl park. The plant has already received funding from the Clean Hydrogen Project and should lay the foundations for a 100 MW electrolyzer on the same site.

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