Curtis Blaydes is inspired by the iconic Attack on Titan scene

The Japanese anime has an unlikely fan in UFC heavyweight Curtis Blaydes.

The mixed martial arts world is a good place to find quite a few Japanese anime fanatics. While some, like Israel Adesanya and Roxanne Modafferi, have made their love for the art form pretty obvious, others like Curtis Blaydes like to keep it low-key.

However, based on “Razor”‘s occasional social media posts about the anime, it’s clear that he’s totally into the culture.

In a recent Instagram post, Blaydes paid tribute to the hugely popular anime, Attack on Titan (Japanese: Shingeki no Kyojin). Created by Hajima Isayama and animated by Wit Studio and Studio Mappa, Attack on Titan is one of today’s anime juggernauts.

The post is about an iconic scene from Season 3 of the anime involving beloved character Erwin Smith, the 13th Commander of the Survey Corps.


The anime’s story initially revolves around humans trying to survive against huge man-eating creatures called Titans. The Survey Corps, also known as the Scout Regiment, is humanity’s first line of defense against the Titans.

In Season 3, during a confrontation with the Beast Titan during the Battle of Shiganshina District, Commander Erwin Smith delivers one of the most iconic speeches in anime history. The purpose of the speech was to motivate the scouts for a final, suicidal charge against the Beast Titan, creating enough of a distraction for the others to complete their mission.

Erwin Smith then led the charge and became one of the first to be hit by the Beast Titan’s rock bombardment. This would be the last of many moments where his character has proven himself to be a true leader.

Speech audio/video is a very popular medium among anime fans.

Watch the video of the speech below (subtitles provided):

One can understand why Curtis Blaydes was inspired by the speech. However, this isn’t the first time he’s posted about Attack on Titan.

Curtis Blaydes promises to break Georges St-Pierre’s record

Curtis Blaydes currently holds the record for most takedowns in UFC heavyweight history, followed by Cain Velasquez and Stipe Miocic.

Blaydes currently has 62 takedowns to his credit and is ranked No. 10 overall in the UFC. Before he retires, he wants to bring the number to 90 and break Georges St-Pierre’s record for the most takedowns in promotion history.

In front of Blaydes are:

#9. Merab Dvalishvili

#8. Colby Covington

#7. Demian Maia

#6. Nik Lentz

#5. clay guide

#4. Frankie Edgard

#3. Demetrieux Johnson

#2. Gleison Tibau

#1. Georges St-Pierre

The No. 4-ranked UFC heavyweight is 16-3-1 (NC) in his overall MMA career and 11-3-1 (NC) in the promotion.

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