Court documents reveal gruesome details of Colorado Springs woman’s death via baseball bat

COLORADO SPRINGS — Court documents have revealed more information regarding the brutal death of a woman, apparently at the hands of her boyfriend.

A recently released affidavit details when Daisha Fry’s daughter found her mother lying in her bedroom, beaten and bleeding, next to a baseball bat. Fry was found by her daughter just hours after she was seen in her bedroom with her boyfriend, Douglas Hawkins, 32.

She was later pronounced dead at the scene.

Wednesday, February 8, 2022

According to the affidavit, Fry’s daughter was inside the home, located at the 6600 block of Bugle Drive, with her mother and Hawkins around 9 p.m. Wednesday. Hawkins allegedly entered the house through a window in order to hide from the landlord and Fry’s sister, Brittany Charles.

Fry’s daughter told police that Hawkins and her mother had an argument earlier in the evening, but seemed to reconcile as they kissed, touched and “bite each other intimately”.

From the arrest affidavit

At around 1:30 a.m., Fry’s daughter left the room where her mother and Hawkins were to prepare dinner. Shortly after, she knocked on her mother’s bedroom door to offer the couple food. When Hawkins opened the door, Fry’s daughter saw her mother lying on her bed with her back to the door, but unharmed.

Just an hour later, Fry’s daughter said she heard “the sound of metal hitting something”. When she went to see her mother, she found the bedroom door jammed. Fry’s daughter forced the door open and found her mother with “blood gushing out of her head”, blood covering the walls and a bloody baseball bat.

Oh my God, he killed my sister! His skull is on the ground!


When first responders arrived, they found Fry on the floor next to his bed. The right side of his face was disfigured, sunken, and covered in blood.

A tumultuous relationship

According to Fry’s sister, Brittany Charles, the relationship between Fry and Hawkins had a long history of abuse.

Both were introduced in 2019 by Fry’s brother in Spokane, Washington. Fry’s brother met Hawkins while incarcerated at the Airway Heights Corrections Center. Soon after, the couple began traveling across the country, stopping in Florida and ending their trip in Detroit.

The couple appeared to go their separate ways in late 2019 or early 2020 after Hawkins was arrested for a domestic violence incident against Fry. Shortly after the arrest, Fry and her two children moved in with Charles on Bugle Drive.

A new start

After months of living with her sister, Fry began dating a man she called “Kyle.” Fry told her sister that Kyle was a military officer and had multiple tattoos. Charles hadn’t met his sister’s new boyfriend, as he was told that Kyle had been hospitalized with a throat infection caused by bad seafood.

10 days before Fry died, Charles entered his sister’s bedroom and found a man, whom she assumed was Kyle, sitting on his sister’s bed.

Charles’ husband Michael also knew about Kyle after unexpectedly finding him sitting on Fry’s bed. When he asked his wife and Fry about him, the three argued over why Fry hadn’t introduced Kyle, which ended with Michael being called a “controller”.

Fry told his brother-in-law about Kyle’s military background. She said Kyle took her to an officers’ ball. Michael would have questioned this information after seeing Kyle in person. He later told police that Kyle appeared to be homeless and lived in a run-down motel on S. Nevada Avenue.

The truth comes out

It wasn’t until after Fry’s death that Charles learned that Kyle and Hawkins were the same man. According to Fry’s daughter, Fry did not tell her sister she was seeing Hawkins again because she knew her sister would disapprove and might kick her out of the house.

Charles also learned that Hawkins had been using Fry’s bedroom window to sneak into her house for months and was also the man she had seen just 10 days before her sister died.

Hawkins arrested

Initially, Hawkins’ whereabouts were unknown after Fry’s death. But then, on February 11, detectives obtained a first-degree murder warrant for Hawkins. On February 15, Hawkins surrendered to the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Hawkins was incarcerated in the El Paso County Jail without bond. He is due in court on February 23, 2022.

You can read the full affidavit below.

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