Court document reveals details in Ashley Guillory case

Police believe Ashley Guillory, the 37-year-old woman whose remains were found in Fort Bend County in late September, was tied to a chair and strangled in a motel room in southwest Houston.

This and other details were reported in a prosecution document released on September 29 to initiate criminal proceedings against Willie Brown, 48, the man accused of killing Guillory.

Brown is charged with murder in connection with Guillory’s death. He has a criminal record dating back to 1991. Previous convictions include counterfeiting, prostitution, manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, theft and aggravated theft, according to records.

Curt Guillory reported his wife missing on Thursday, September 9. He told Houston police he last saw his wife around 8 a.m. on Saturday, September 4. day on September 4. The last text he received from his phone was sent around 10 p.m. Guillory told officers his wife’s phone and car were also missing.

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The aforementioned indictment document details the murder charge against Brown and the factual basis for the charge.

According to the document, a family member of Ashley Guillory received a text message from Ashley’s phone after her disappearance. Family members told investigators the text messages read “SHE DEAD” and “I killed her”.

Adalina, one of Ashley’s acquaintances, told investigators her friend Willie Pat Brown told her he killed Ashley by strangling her to death during a conversation on Friday, September 10. Adalina said Brown would not go into details, the indictment document says.

On Sunday, September 12, Curt Guillory found his wife’s vehicle in Stafford, Fort Bend County, Texas – Brown had driven it, according to the court document. Brown claimed he had not seen Ashley since September 4. After Guillory told investigators that Brown did not have the authority to drive the vehicle, Brown was charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle and taken into custody. Brown was held at the Fort Bend County Jail, but was later transferred to Harris County.

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In an interview on Tuesday, September 14, Brown told investigators that he and Ashley met on Friday, September 3. The couple went to the Fondren Inn, located at 13255 Fondren Road, and met Brown’s cousin Craig and Craig Thelma’s girlfriend. Brown said Thelma and Ashley then rented a room on Thelma’s behalf. Then, Brown continued, Ashley led the group to Craig’s house to drop off Craig and Thelma. Afterward, Ashley and Brown returned to the hotel. According to court documents, Brown said he prostituted himself at the hotel on several occasions while Ashley was taking drugs in the room she had rented. Brown told investigators he did not have a key to Ashley’s hotel room and was not in the room most of the night.

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Brown claimed Ashley asked him to drop her off at the Economy Inn and Suites where they met a friend called “Gucci”. Brown added that Ashley had given him permission to use his vehicle, the court document says. Brown told detectives he spoke with Ashely again on September 9 when “Gucci” dialed a phone number and let him speak with Ashley by phone. He claimed Ashley told him she didn’t want Brown to see her as she was and said Brown could continue to use her car.

Investigators said security footage from Fondren Inn showed Ashley renting a room with Thelma’s assistance on September 4. Note that Brown said the event happened on September 3. In the video, Brown and Ashley are seen entering the hotel room together for the last time at 11:18 pm At 12:47 pm, Brown is seen leaving the motel alone using Ashley’s car. He returned to the hotel at 1:48 a.m. on September 5 and was seen trying unsuccessfully to enter the hotel room. Security footage recorded at 6:22 a.m. shows Brown smashing a window into the room. Minutes later, he was seen lugging around a heavy object that investigators believe to be Ashley’s body, in the back seat of Ashley’s car, the indictment says. Two minutes later, Brown is seen leaving the motel in Ashley’s vehicle. As the vehicle passes under the security camera, a pair of human feet emerge from the driver’s rear window. Investigators looked at the footage until the hotel owner could be seen cleaning the hotel room. At no time before has anyone else entered or left the room, investigators reported in the prosecution document. The owner of the hotel told investigators that she noticed a phone was missing in the room.

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On September 21, a cashier who works at a convenience store Brown frequented told investigators that Brown said, “Girl, I killed somebody. When the cashier asked what Brown had done with the body, he said he cut it into pieces and threw it away. This conversation took place on September 10, according to the indictment document.

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On September 25, investigators re-interviewed Brown. During the interview, Brown confessed to killing Ashley, according to the court document. Brown told investigators he asked Ashley for drug money, to which she replied that she did not have any. Brown said he was taking several drugs, including crack, synthetic cannabinoids and marijuana at the time. He said he walked over to Ashley as she sat and combed her hair. When Brown used the motel room’s landline phone cord to tie Ashley to a chair, Ashley screamed, cursed and told Brown that she no longer wanted to be his friend, according to the indictment document. After Brown strangled Ashley, he left the room, not remembering that Ashley had the only key. He said when he returned to the hotel room several hours later, he realized he did not have a key and asked an employee to let him into the room. The employee declined because Brown’s name was not on the reservation. Brown said he smashed the hotel room window, placed Ashley’s body in his vehicle and walked away. He said he dumped Ashley’s body in an open field somewhere in Conroe and added that he had used Ashley’s phone several times over the previous days.

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In another interview on September 28, Brown told detectives he lied about where he dumped Ashley’s body and then led the detectives to where he had taken her – a wooded area near the 800 block of South Craven’s Road, according to the indictment document. . There, detectives found what appeared to be a skeleton with blue denim shorts and a landline phone cord over them, which matched the missing phone cord in the room and the blue denim shorts Ashley was wearing. last seen wearing, investigators detailed in the document. .

September 29, Brown was charged with murder by the state’s 230th District Court.

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