couple who met at Oregon hot springs to invest $ 100,000 | Wild montana


Steam rises from an old building in Bagby Hot Springs in Oregon.

Brett French

Journal of statesman ZACH URNESS

Mike and Tamarah Rysavy met at Bagby Hot Springs in 2001. Two decades later, the husband and wife duo were selected as new operators of the iconic springs nestled in the Mount Hood National Forest between Estacada and Detroit, Oregon.

the Rysavy were chosen from a pool of applicants to manage the unique springs, bathhouses and bathtubs that have fallen into disuse in recent years.

Bagby has been closed since 2020 due to damage from forest fires in the surrounding area and one of the main public baths was condemned and closed in 2018 due to “extensive rot” in its soils.

The Rysavys, who will resume operations in 2023, plan to invest $ 100,000 up front to rehabilitate buildings and make improvements. They also plan to have staff on site around the clock to curb crime and parties, which has been a problem at the site for years.

They will keep the $ 5 per person soaking fee in place.

“We look forward to making Bagby Hot Springs a safe, family-friendly environment for the public,” said Mike Rysavy, who started dating Bagby as a teenager and helped maintain the original buildings in the 1990s. “My wife and I formed Bagby Preservation out of our love for Bagby Hot Springs.


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