Colorado Springs Police Arrest ‘Prolific Offender’ | Crime and Justice

Colorado Springs police arrested a man with a lengthy criminal history on Tuesday as he attempted to steal a truck and motorcycle, according to a department news release.

Michael Smith, whom authorities have called a “prolific offender”, could face multiple charges including unlawful possession of firearms, motor vehicle theft and escaping from police. Smith reportedly had “multiple outstanding arrest warrants from multiple agencies” at the time of his arrest.

At around 10:45 a.m. Tuesday, detectives found Smith attempting to steal a truck and a motorcycle, police said. Because Smith had previously been convicted of violent crimes and because he was suspected of using stolen vehicles to evade police, officers from the Motor Vehicle Task Force and the Armed Violent Offender Unit were investigating him. A vehicle Smith was suspected of stealing contained multiple firearms at the time of the theft, police said.

When detectives found Smith, they called in tactical officers, who restrained him from leaving in a vehicle. Smith then fled from police and attempted to steal a car from a customer at a nearby gas station, police said.

Officers “physically intervened” to prevent the carjacking and took Smith into custody. Smith, who was lightly injured, was carrying two guns when he was arrested, officials said.

No citizens or officers were injured, police said.

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