City of Mitchell C462129-06 DATE August – Mitchell Republic

Town of Mitchell C462129-06 DATE 2022-06-08 DETERMINATION OF CATEGORICAL EXCLUSION FOR PROPOSED PROJECT IN MITCHELL, SOUTH DAKOTA The South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR) conducted a review of A proposal from the Town of Mitchell located in Davison County will provide improvements to the drinking water system The project proposes a variety of improvements to the town’s water storage, treatment and distribution systems, including a new 2.5 million gallon ground storage tank, a new pump station and chemical supply facility, piping modifications to the water treatment plant, construction of new pipelines water on the south side of the city and installation of pressure control fittings in the water lines that cross I-90. These upgrades will increase water supply, reduce water aging and mitigate low chlorine residuals. The Town of Mitchell received an $11,000,000 loan from the State Clean Water Revolving Fund (1.875% – 30 years). Repayment of the SRF loan will be made from the revenue from the water surcharge. Current water rates in Mitchell are $36.88 per month based on 5,000 gallon usage. An additional $1.94 is required to achieve 110% debt coverage. The reasons for granting a Categorical Exclusion are listed below: 1. No comments requiring mitigation were received from the South Dakota Historical Society, South Dakota Department of Game, Fish , and Parks, United States Department of Interior, United States Army Corps of Engineers. , Natural Resources Conservation Service, or through the public participation process; and 2. The project involves new distribution lines or new storage facilities in the developed part of the community. The proposed action involves no serious local objections and does not meet any of the criteria for not granting a categorical exclusion as specified in Section 6.505(c) (i) through (iii) of 40 CFR Part 6, Subpart E. The project will not affect any archaeological or historical resources. In the event of the discovery of an archaeological or historical resource during construction, the immediate cessation of work would be required by the specifications. The new improvements should not have any adverse effects on flora or fauna. The proposed project will have no effect on prime or important agricultural land. No other environmentally sensitive issues have been identified in the planning of this project. Minor noise, air pollution and soil erosion issues will occur during construction, but these will only be temporary. The review process did not indicate that any significant environmental impacts would result from the proposed projects. Therefore, a preliminary decision not to prepare an EIA has been made. This action is taken based on a careful review of the engineering report, environmental disclosure documents, correspondence with responsible government agencies and other supporting data which is on file at the Financial Assistance Division and Technical, Environmental Funding Program, DANR, Pierre, SD, and are available for public review at City Hall, Mitchell, SD. Comments supporting or disagreeing with this decision may be submitted for review by DANR after the Categorical Exclusion Determination is posted. After evaluating the comments received, DANR will make a final decision.

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