Calgary revamps the city’s historic site mapping tools

The City of Calgary and Heritage Calgary have launched their revamped mapping tool. MAP SCREENSHOT

The City of Calgary and Heritage Calgary have launched a revised map with tools to access over 800 historic sites.

The map of assessed historic sites combined the Discover Historic Calgary map and the Heritage Inventory into a single mapping tool.

“With the map enhancements, Calgarians can find and access information about more than 800 rated historic resources in a simpler and more dynamic way,” said Josh White of the City of Calgary.

Some of the site’s improvements include that it’s now mobile-friendly, there are improved search and download capabilities, and you can choose aerial photos from different time periods. They also have color coded historical sites for color blind people.

There are over 800 historic sites included in the collection. Some of the information included is heritage value, defining characteristics, significant dates, and prior ownership.

“We are very excited to add more historical depth to our inventory resource and to add features that improve inventory usage,” said Josh Traptow, CEO, Heritage Calgary.

“Knowing the historical significance of a place, landscape or building adds to the richness of our understanding of Calgary.

This is news to the ears of some users. The site is often used as a reference for historians, writers and journalists.

“These are features I didn’t even know I needed,” said Harry Sanders, historian and freelance writer.

“For me, telling the stories of our past should be rooted in facts and details that help us understand the meaning of a place.”

The project coincided with a lifecycle replacement of information servers in an overhaul of the city’s digital infrastructure.

The Assessed Historic Resources Inventory Map can be found online here.

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