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The Cadet Corps celebrated the theft of the big pumpkin in honor of Halloween with masks, candy and torches.

C-2 Company held its annual Quad event on Friday October 22. The Halloween tradition is the oldest in the Corps of Cadets, dating back to the 1960s.

C-2, Mike Churchman, explained the history of this tradition of the Corps.

“[Flight] started in the 1960s as a punishment for a freshman who had done something stupid, ”Churchman said. “He was sent out for a walk, like the ghost of ‘This is the big pumpkin, Charlie Brown.'”

Although the tradition shares a name with the Charlie Brown cartoon, the origins of the two differ a bit.

“At the time, C-2 had a big rivalry with the group and it was really vicious,” said Wes King, junior in international studies at C-2. “One year, the fish decided to find the biggest pumpkin they could find and smash it in the group’s dormitories.”

King said the first freshman who inspired the tradition was covered in a white sheet with a hollowed-out pumpkin on his head. While holding a flaming broom, King said the freshman walked past a group of upper class students.

“It’s much more docile now. It’s more ceremonial, ”said Churchman. “Now Flight is a form of camaraderie between not only C-2 and the group, but also between the Corps itself. “

Although Flight has become a less violent tradition, the dedication of the outfit to the Halloween event remains strong. Freshmen and sophomores in uniform are not allowed to know anything about flight preparation and do not participate in the event itself. Additionally, freshmen are not allowed to own anything orange and will be in trouble if they mention anything related to the vacation or the Corps event. They are not allowed to “know” the numbers 10 or 31 because they are related to Halloween, King said.

“[The] The flight begins on the first day of freshman orientation week, ”King said. “This is the most important thing they hammer home. Freshmen give freshmen a list of Halloween-themed terms that they aren’t allowed to ‘know’ or that they don’t. are not allowed to speak. “

Several members of C-2 are second, third or even fourth generation Aggies and members of the outfit. King and Churchman’s fathers were both members of C-2 in the 1990s. Mike Churchman Sr., Class of 1992, was with Flight while in the Corps.

“Him having gone through this just as I had really strengthened our bond,” said Churchman Sr. “It’s something that we can sit down and have a beer and talk about our different experiences. I was really excited about it.

For students who may not be familiar with the Halloween tradition, Flight can seem intimidating to an oblivious bystander. Second-year economics student Hannah Hubert commented on her first participation in the event.

“I think it’s a long-standing tradition that C-2 is putting in place to show their honor and tradition towards their outfit,” said Hubert.

With its long history of Halloween tradition, C-2 brings festivities to the Quad every year. Whether the students are Corps members or not, Flight is a fun celebration of October’s spookiest vacation.

“To me, Flight is so exhilarating,” said Churchman Jr.. “It’s wacky and unlike any other tradition.”


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