Board of Directors approves strategic plan for 2021-25 – News and events

Posted: December 14, 2021

The Dec. 7 board approved a strategic plan for Mitchell Hamline that sets goals in curriculum areas; access and opportunity; student experience; organizational excellence and culture; and community. The plan includes intermediate targets on track for completion by 2025, the 10th anniversary of the combination that created Mitchell Hamline.

“I am very happy that this plan has been approved and that I can start implementation in the new year,” said President and Dean Anthony Niedwiecki. “I am grateful for the work of over 100 people – including staff, faculty and board members – who have participated over the past year in the process of creating this document, which will guide our decision-making and budgeting process for the next few years and frame our fundraising efforts.

Key elements of the plan include:

  • Study programme
    Incorporate emerging practice-ready skills and competencies as well as social justice into the curriculum, track student performance in core courses, and deliver courses through enrollment options
  • Access and opportunity
    Diversify the student body, create new funding options to help under-represented groups, and develop programs for non-JD and post-JD students
  • Student experience
    Enable all students to see themselves as members of the legal profession throughout their enrollment, support the personal and professional well-being of students, and increase opportunities for students to build relationships between enrollment options and with the elders
  • Excellence and organizational culture
    Implement a structure and communication plan for faculty, staff, administrators and the board of directors; promote cross-functional collaboration; and create a work environment based on mutual respect and responsibility
  • Community
    Create a sense of belonging for all, create internal and external partnerships to advance the mission and advocate for law reforms to reduce disparities and inequalities

In 2022, said Niedwiecki, the school will focus on five main tactics:

  1. Create a working group on curriculum, student engagement and DCI.
  2. Create a culture task force to develop recommendations on how to create a culture of respect and responsibility in school. A planning committee responsible for developing the objectives and composition of the working group has been established.
  3. Develop a process for reviewing and creating institutional policies, which will involve the appointment of a policy committee to assist in the work.
  4. Support the overall assessment of a new enterprise resource system and student information system and any other IT system to better support students and operations.
  5. Raise money to fund scholarships for students, with an emphasis on need-based scholarships.

Mitchell Hamline Strategic Plan

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