Bensler’s Best Moment in Law & Order: SVU Season 2

Season 2 episode 11, “Abuse,” revolves around a family in a unique situation. After the death of a little boy, Benson believes the family is to blame. In order to protect the family’s daughter, Ashley Austin Black (Hayden Panettiere), Benson takes the daughter to her home while the parents are thoroughly investigated for child neglect.

The girl’s mother, Ricki Austin (Christine Andreas), finds Benson’s relationship with her daughter inappropriate and takes out a restraining order against her. A defeated Benson abandons the girl, who doesn’t understand the situation.

After that, Benson heads to his office, to find Elliot waiting for him. He is willing to discuss his emotional reasoning behind his desire to protect the child, going back to the neglect Benson herself suffered as a child when her mother was too busy to be home with her.

Typical of Benson and her rock-hard – and wall-high – exterior, her telling Elliot he’s wrong and that her taking in the child is in no way the result of her own trauma. His words seem to put things in perspective for her, though – in a way, she refused to do on her own – something he couldn’t have done if the two didn’t share such a powerful bond. .

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