BCSO blotter: Armed robbery reported after volleyball game

According to reports from the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office:

Flight: A victim told the BCSO on April 14 that he was robbed the day before after he and his older brother left a volleyball game at the South Bryan Rec Department on Timber Trail.

The victim said she was heading to the soccer field in the middle of the park when she was met by two people she apparently knew. One grabbed the victim by the neck while the other pulled out a gun and demanded money.

The victim, whose age was not listed on the report, said he gave the thieves $50 because “he wasn’t sure if the gun was real or not.” The victim said she was not injured in the incident.

Detectives are investigating.

single battery: A Dublin man called 911 on April 15 claiming he had been hit by a metal pipe at an address in Ellabell.

The man initially refused EMS but then asked for help and told deputies the only reason he was at the address was to use his mother’s phone.

The report noted that the man had previously been banned from the property, but had been allowed back, and at one point while he was there, a woman punched him “in the face. head and arm with a pipe”.

A deputy asked to see the area where the man had been hit by the hose and could not see any red marks, “because he had a shaved head”.

The man showed the deputy a small red mark on his arm.

A deputy then spoke with the woman who hit him with a pipe, and she said she was afraid of him because he was “violent and his history of drugs”, and when he showed up ” she grabbed an object. That object was a cardboard tube, similar to a wrapping paper tube,” and after he tried to buy drugs for her, then reached out to her mother and her, “she grabbed the cardboard tube and punched (the man) in self-defense.”

She didn’t want to pursue, just wanted the man to leave. A criminal trespassing notice was issued to the man.

Matter of record: Deputies were dispatched to the busy intersection of Hwy 80 and Hwy 280 in Blitchton on April 15 regarding a ‘possible broken down tractor-trailer’ and then told it was a a possible accident between the truck and a Ford F250″ and the two separated parties were engaged in a fight.

Deputies arrived at the intersection and saw the crash and “all parties got into a heated verbal argument”, and separated everyone.

The driver of the truck said he was trying to turn from 280 to 80 west because he had the right of way and the driver of the van didn’t want to back up, so he couldn’t turn.

The truck driver and his son then claimed that the people on board the F250 “started throwing racial slurs at them”.

The people in the van, who were towing a trailer, said the semi-trailer drove through the intersection “quickly and turned in a sharp manner, almost hitting their vehicle”, and they argued.

They denied using racial slurs and said the truck driver and his son “started kicking and punching the trailer as well as the windows of (the owner’s) truck”, but did not had caused no damage.

Everyone has a file number, etc.

Messy house, etc. : Deputies and first responders were dispatched to a convenience store on Highway 204 shortly after midnight on April 12 regarding a victim who “had 2 cuts to the head and dried blood on the head and neck”, and claimed that ‘he was sitting in the living room at an Ellabell address when a man ‘hit him in the head with a gun and told him to kneel at gunpoint and then robbed his wallet, his phone and his dog”.

The victim then said the man and a woman chased him on his motorbike on their motorbike, which was spotted by deputies at some point during this operation.

As EMS prepared the victim to be taken to the hospital, the motorbike with the man and woman on it was stopped, and they said the victim was drinking at Ellabell’s address and they asked him to leave , he refused and they got into a fight. When the victim left, he scaled a fence topped with barbed wire.

A deputy found the victim’s wallet near the fence. The man and woman on a motorbike were “released from traffic control”.

Missing person: A Richmond Hill woman reported on April 11 that her 66-year-old husband had been missing since April 9 when she argued with him which “started when she found him passed out on the sofa with a container of ‘canned air’.

The 64-year-old woman said her husband had “a history of hospitalization from canned air”.

She said he left his diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure medication, and she last heard of April 11 when he texted her to say he would be home at 9 p.m.

She said her husband’s cell phone rang at a motel near the Savannah airport.

The missing person’s papers have been completed, etc.

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