Basavaraj Bommai promises to end seizure of farmers’ properties on loans

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai promised farmers that the government would change anti-farm laws to end the seizure of farmers’ homes, land and property by banks while recovering loans.

He was speaking at the 30th death anniversary of Shivakumara Shivacharya at the Taralabalu Mutt premises in Sirigere village in the taluk on Saturday. He said the government would prohibit banks from seizing homes, properties and valuables belonging to farming communities when they fail to repay loans.

Referring to the heavy rains that have recently hit various parts of the state, he said farmers have lost crops and are in crisis. “I have heard that banks and finance companies are trying to collect loans from them when they are in deep trouble. The government would end the issuance of notices to farmers by banks regarding foreclosure properties,” he promised.

Former Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said society will be in good condition when farmers can lead happy lives. “Farmers need not fear that banks will confiscate their assets if they do not repay their loans. The government is committed to protecting the interests of farmers and they need not fear in this regard,” said he promised.

Previously, President of Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha and Hasiru Sene, HR Basavarajappa alleged that banks were transferring subsidies or incentives credited to farmers’ bank accounts to their loan accounts. Private finance companies charge exorbitant interest. So the government must put a stop to this, he urged.

Sri Taralabalu Mutt Pintiff Shivamurhty Shivacharya noted that agricultural land is auctioned online without the knowledge of farmers. The government must therefore introduce new legislation to prevent this.

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